SaaS Trends and Observations (2010)
Wondering about ERP in the cloud and how it will affect you? Should you embrace it? Read more about SAAS ERP – the Trends & Observations in this whitepaper.


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Why move to the Cloud?

EstesGroup sells and delivers cloud-based ERP and CRM applications from SAP, Business ByDesignWhy is moving to the Cloud such a compelling idea? For many organizations, deploying new software is a costly business. Not only do you have to procure the right hardware, ensure that you have the latest software version and appropriate licenses, you also need to have technical personnel onsite ensuring that the implementation roll out is a smooth process.

With Cloud deployments you realize immediate benefits with:

  • Faster deployment and quicker access to capabilities and functions needed
  • Measurable user adoption, only deploying users who need access to the software
  • Lower implementation costs, including:
  • No infrastructure costs
  • Low training costs
  • Lower services cost per user than on premise implementation
  • Easier migration to alternative products if your needs change

Cloud based software will lower your total cost of ownership resulting in increased efficiencies and delivering competitive advantage quicker than ever. With no upgrade costs, support expenses and IT complexity, your cash flow becomes more predictable so you can switch your software purchasing from a capital expense to an operational expense. You can then use that hard-earned income for expenditures that will grow your business.

We, at EstesGroup, sell and deliver cloud-based ERP and CRM applications from SAP, Business ByDesign. We also offer solutions from Microsoft for infrastructure and basic communication needs. We use cloud solutions internally and have sold and delivered solutions to clients like you. The solution is cost effective – you only pay for what you need. Your costs grow as your business grows and if your needs fit the model, implementation is much more simple

EstesGroup is customer driven and always seeks to delight our clients: We will be there with you as you grow, and the Cloud model fosters a true long-term partnership with our clients.

We are a Cloud Solutions company, and we can help you today. Contact us for more information.

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