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EstesGroup quality Services to our customers continues to evolve and change as we enter our 10th year in business. Understanding what works as well as establishing our own processes to improve on what doesn’t work has been the foundation of our continued success.
EstesGroup knows that if you are going to provide quality Service in the ERP/HCM/Ecommerce and IT Staffing business you need to recruit and hire the best people. Knowing the right people to hire and bringing them together at the right time to work as a team is the secret sauce of why our Service offerings, we feel are superior to our competition. We call it the EstesWAY.

I am extremely pleased with the Epicor consulting services provided by EstesGroup. Their expertise in Epicor in the areas of manufacturing, financial, and technical was invaluable to our team and helped us achieve our goal of going live in 7 months from start to finish. I would highly recommend EstesGroup to any company needing assistance with Epicor consulting.
- Carla Wing
The EstesWAY of providing quality Epicor consulting and services starts by sticking to what you know. EstesGroup personnel knows the manufacturing, distribution, professional and financial service industries. By focusing our time, attention and expertise to these industries through the years it has allowed us to strengthen the quality of our Service offerings stated above.
We encourage all of the companies that are interested in EstesGroup Services, (ERP/HCM/Ecommerce and IT Staffing) to spend an hour with our Vice President of Professional Services, or our CEO, or our Director of Sales and/or our President to understand what the EstesWAY means to their company’s successfully hiring the right person or using/implementing the right system. That’s right, the entire management team of EstesGroup is involved in each one of our Epicor consulting and Service area offerings.


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