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Community Contributions

EstesGroup Makes a Difference

How Does EstesGroup Make a Difference?

We help businesses run better, and that alone makes for positive change. In addition, EstesGroup members believe the world can always be a better place, and that positive change is often the result of the focused effort and teamwork of small groups of committed people. We’re deeply committed to civic, social and environmental improvement through grassroots, national/global involvement, service activities and thought leadership groups. EstesGroup’s founders and team members are often actively involved in their communities, tackling everything from charity work to political action. We encourage that dedication and support a variety of causes that we feel help make the world a better place to live. We support numerous causes, and encourage our team members to get involved in our charitable giving and local support. Our annual Fall Giving Challenge matches employees contributions to the charity of their choice up to a fixed amount based on annual profits.