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Providing them with an easy to use mobile compatible platform for ordering and pricing can go a long way to increasing your customer retention and loyalty.

When we implement the Epicor Storefront as your B2B eCommerce Solution:

  1. Your customers can see their contract and pricing right away.
  2. They can access all of their order history.
  3. Your customers can manage timely delivery as they can see exactly how much inventory is available.
  4. Quotes can be requested by anyone in your company 24/7.

All of your customers will know when their orders will arrive at their job site so production keeps moving.

Decrease customer service calls, as your entire library of support documents and videos is available to your customers day and night.

Work with the team who knows how to build your complete ERP eCommerce Solution!

We’re not just installing software; we are improving logistics and optimizing your sales process so everything just works better.

Call 888.300.2340 or fill out the form to the right.

From ordering to shipment to assembly and sale to your end customer, let’s realize a complete mobile compatible solution for your B2B eCommerce:

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