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Too Much CPU & RAM for Epicor Application Server


Sometimes, more memory is not better.  Often, server admins will throw more resources (CPU and RAM) at a server to make it go faster.  Check our tidbit on SQL Licensing to see what that might hurt your licensing model, and in general, with SQL, the more RAM the merrier.  There is a decreasing return on investment however, and when it comes to your Epicor application server, we often see clients who over-commit resources and cause hypervisor performance issues.  Assuming you run in a virtualized world (as most of our clients do), over-committing CPU and RAM can cause the host machine to ‘thrash’ and actually run slower than if you had less resources.  For more details, search on NUMA boundaries and “memory ballooning”.  Check your Epicor application servers, if they have a lot of unused RAM and low CPU utilization, you might be a victim of over-committing resources. 


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