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The 3 Things EstesGroup Consultants want for Christmas:

Tis the season and along with everyone else out there your Epicor Consultant has a wishlist for Christmas as well. We hope everyone enjoys their holidays with friends and family and has a safe and Happy New Year. Thank you all for a fantastic 2014.

1. A good carry-on

Find me one that I can’t demolish in a year’s travel and can organize a week’s worth in a carry on.

2. Bigger Battery

Flights and airport time take up a lot of time and don’t have a lot of access to power outlets. How are they supposed to watch that movie?

3. Testimonials:

Who doesn’t like it when someone speaks highly about you? This is the biggest satisfaction point to any good consultant and they thrive on receiving high praise. This is their number one goal and the best thing is that means they have to do a bang up job for you to get there. Help them help you!


Now you know what your consultants want for Christmas. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference when you travel weekly. /epicor-consulting/epicor-ecommerce



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