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As one of the foremost experts on ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning software), we at EstesGroup often recommend and implement solutions by Epicor.

Epicor ERPs are designed to provide companies of all scales and in every sector with feature-rich, customizable ERP solutions that can either be based in the cloud or deployed on-premises. The inherent flexibility of the system’s design, combined with the adaptability offered by choice of deployment model, make Epicor an especially power enterprise tool, and the kind that readily adapts should your business or technology change.

A quick note about cloud deployments:

All ERPs should allow your business to reduce its costs, simplify administrative operations, optimize workflows, and boost your bottom line. But recent advances in Software as a Service (Saas) models have advanced cloud-based solutions to the forefront of the ERP spectrum.

There are many reasons for this, but they all point to one key factor: success.

At this point, thousands of companies worldwide have rebuilt their workflows to leverage the cloud revolution. In doing so, they reimagined their enterprises as a series of processes that can be accessed in real time from anywhere in the world and from any device.

This, in sum, is the value offered by cloud-based ERP solutions: they obviate the need to maintain a wide basket of separate, “one off” applications that (hopefully) merge with the central processes of your business.

Put differently, the proper ERP solution should become your business process. And who better to design it than Epicor, a company that has spent 25 years leading its field.

Epicor’s products are built on decades’ worth of research and development coupled with deep industry experience and thousands of successful implementations. Businesses around the globe use Epicor to great effect. For these reasons and many more, we at Estes Group always consider Epicor products when consulting with you on the ERP solution that perfectly fits your business.

Our analysts at Estes Group have reviewed the latest Epicor release. Epicor 10.1 enjoyed a substantive, months-long testing cycle with select beta customers. While long beta cycles often indicate problems with a software release, we happily note this wasn’t the case. In fact, by our estimations, Epicor 10.1 offers vast and substantial improvements over its predecessor version, Epicor 10.

After this introduction to Epicor ERP 10.1, the following series of blog articles will drill into some of the new, key features Epicor 10.1 offers. Where applicable, we will compare new functionalities to those in Epicor 10.

And, as always, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact an Estes Group consultant. We are always happy to discuss these features at length, as well as to provide insight into how Epicor 10.1 may suit the needs of your current Business Process Reengineering.

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Epicor 10.1 Planning Contract and Epicor 10.1 Package Control

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