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Epicor ERP 10.1 is due out right around the corner in September according to the rumor mill.

What does this ERP upgrade mean for you and your company? Well for starters this is the release that has been put through the quality control wringer. Epicor has taken a step back and even put a new team all the way to the executive levels around this product to break the trends of quality issues around this release. The product has always been praised for the innovations to ERP and is known to be first to market with a lot of new features but it’s always been noted that this has come at a cost to quality and stability with the software. At Insights (The Epicor Users Conference) in the spring of 2015 10.1 was heavily featured and several sessions focused on the above and how they were going about fixing these issues. So many of you also heard this message and have been holding off waiting for the promise land.


Besides stability, what are the key Epicor 10.1 features that make it worth the wait? Again these are all speculation as we haven’t received the final 10.1 features list but these are all some things that we saw a bit of or were shown at insights and are hearing that they are planned to be in this Epicor upgrade:

  1. Planning Contracts – Finally the ability to plan for long lead time items without having to release a job or create a sales order release. The idea here is that you can create a planning contract and tie it out to a project and create individual purchasing demand against that contract and receive it in a bin that has been set aside for this contract.
  2. MRP by Part – Oh man has this one ever been a long time coming. If you’re a facility that launches all of your production or at least the vast majority by MRP and you get a hot item come in it was always a pain launching a full MRP just for that one part. Not anymore folks! You’ll be able to filter to a single part number and run MRP against just that part. Not bad for testing either.
  3. Zero Quantity BOMs – This one will be a nice addition and came from an EUG request (Yes the EUG does have development influence and here’s proof of that) that will allow for you to add zero quantity items to the BOM. So if you need items listed but don’t want them placing demand on inventory or purchasing here’s a great method for this.

There are many other Epicor 10.1 features that are planned but these seem to be the top three that get asked about in conversations. But keep an eye out for Multi-Job Scheduling and Packaging Control as well.

What are your reasons for wanting to jump on the 10.1 bandwagon? I would love to hear from you on your business needs and how you see 10.1 fulfilling them.

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