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Epicor 9 / 10 Emergency Subcontractor PO

Epicor 9 / 10 Emergency Subcontractor POFrom time to time our paint line goes down. Totally without warning, and never at a convenient time. What is the quickest way to launch an emergency Epicor subcontracting purchase order operation that is not in the Job MOM?


While policies differ from company to company, this simple approach may help you. I sense that you need to issue a subcontract PO. And that you already have a business relationship with this subcontractor (and maybe even have an agreed-upon price list) since the paint line issue happens with some frequency. And it appears that the paint line goes down unexpectedly, which means the Job MOM has the paint operation as an internal operation.

Here’s an approach. Involve your purchasing department right away. They can create a subcontract PO in such a way that it automatically adds the subcontract operation to the released job. This is base functionality in most versions that I’m aware of. It works in Vantage 8.03. It works in Epicor 9.xx, and it works in Epicor 10. It may likely work that way in older versions as well. This approach provides the proper linking of subcontract PO to subcontract operation on the job. You don’t have to go into Job Entry and add the subcontract operation first. In fact, unless you want to reschedule the job, there is no need to go to Job Entry at all.

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