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Save Time when picking the same item during the day in Epicor 10

When Picking Orders for shipment, you may find that you continually go back to the same warehouse and bin location and pick the same item all day long. And you find yourself puzzled that there just HAS to be a better way.

EstesGroup Epicor WavePicking
Well, one suggestion is to venture into Wave Picking within the Epicor AMM software for distributors. Wave Picking is not just for large distribution centers which have teams of fork lift drivers scurrying around in their designated area. Wave Picking can be more than a way to minimize picking costs geographically. It can also be set up to minimize picking costs by pulling the entire required quantity of a part, one part at a time.

It works like this:

* In Fulfillment Workbench, use the allocation process criteria of Allocate By Part.

* Specify that you will be using Wave as the Action Type.

* Group multiple Sales Orders into the same Wave.

* Set up an Allocation Template that can be reused. Or an Ad Hoc template in a pinch.

* If there is sufficient inventory, the Epicor application creates an allocation which decrements the overall available quantity by the ordered amount for the part at the warehouse/part level, down to the order and line.

* If the part was on 50 Sales Orders, you now have one transaction and not 50 for the Pick process.


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