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You’ve probably heard that it takes two to tango. And you know what that means:

A successful working relationship requires that each partner works toward a common goal, and understands which tasks they’re individually responsible for so the team can meet that goal.

Effective collaboration can only occur once these two conditions are met.

So what are the responsibilities we expect from your implementation team and ours in terms of developing a successful ERP implementation methodology?

Let’s first deal with roles and responsibilities for the EstesGroup side of our ERP implementation team strategy.

Your enterprise will always enjoy the direct involvement of our Vice President of Professional Services, who will always have one simple but important responsibility: to make sure that your firm becomes an enthusiastic reference for other prospective customers.

We want your project experience to be so good that you run out and tell all your peers about what great work we did. That our ERP implementation methodology broke down all the growth barriers you were experiencing and took all the pain out of your ERP implementation. Over the years, we’ve found that, when we guide our actions by this simple northstar principle, everything else that must happen to create a successful ERP implementation team strategy falls into place.

As part of our ERP implementation team strategy, your implementation will be led by our hand-picked Project Manager on a day-to-day level. The Project plays a very important role. He or she sets the ERP implementation methodology beat to which both your implementation team and ours will march toward success.

A big part of his or her job is keeping your team several steps ahead of the ERP implementation methodology. Doing this allows you to participate more fully in the ERP implementation. In the long run, it also saves time and creates a less ambiguous, more enjoyable. project environment.

Specific responsibilities of your Project Manager include:

  • Teaching your enterprise how to get the most from our 5-stage methodology
  • Monitoring methodology adherence
  • Defining project goals and objectives
  • Providing regular feedback
  • Participating in stage reviews
  • Executing project plans

Finally, our Customer Core Team will execute the mechanics of your implementation. As part of our ERP implementation team strategy, we only select core team members who get a buzz out of problem solving. These are seasoned professionals who think constantly about how to best model your enterprise processes to secure and advance your company’s competitive edge.

Specific responsibilities of your Customer Core Team members include:

  • Following the methodology plan as led by the Project Manager
  • Executing all individual tasks with the skill required to maximize the overall implementation
  • Participating fully in the proof of concept and all subsequent reviews
  • Preparing and reviewing policies, procedures, and data conversion
  • Documenting progress
  • Training end users and co-workers
  • Presenting stage reviews

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