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To achieve a successful ERP implementation, it’s pivotal that your company understands and commits to its roles and responsibilities over the entire length of the project.

At EstesGroup, we call this factor Project Organization.

What forms the bedrock of proper Project Organization? Your organization must provide an implementation team that:

  • knows your business inside and out;
  • possesses the authority to make certain organizational changes as they become suggested by the ERP implementation;
  • commits to the rigorous discipline of scripting, testing, retesting, and documenting business rules in the chosen ERP solution;
  • commits also to a codified schedule of regular progress reports to the project’s executive sponsors;
  • comes to work backstopped with the proper amount of time, funding, and patronage required to complete the entire project (see, Part Five: Deep Resources)

But here’s a point that we find a lot of other implementation specialists miss:

Project Organization has as much to do with knowing where your business is going as where it stands currently, or where it’s been.

The key term here is future states. EstesGroup always looks at whether or not your enterprise considered future states when it contracted to implement its ERP solution in the first place.

Why do we do this? Because the proper ERP solution for your enterprise should do more than surmount your current obstacles. It should also support the growth of your business’s future endeavors.

In other words, we build for tomorrow, not just today.

Project Organization is all about structure, and at EstesGroup, we know that structure is dictated by vision.

A good example is the new breed of “earthquake proof” buildings that architects have begun to design in areas historically rich in seismic activity. Houses and skyscrapers that fall into this category are designed to satisfy one very important guiding principle: their structures should be able to withstand the stress of all but the most cataclysmic earthquakes.

Switching to these kinds of structures has dramatically increased the structural integrity – and therefore the survivability — of an overwhelming percentage of buildings.

The same principle applies when EstesGroup works with your enterprise to build or repair your ERP solution. We mandate that your Project Organization be as “earthquake proof” as possible so that nothing collapses once the your solution has been installed.

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