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ERP Recovery Project

by Apr 2, 2021Success Stories

An ERP Recovery Project

This company, who is remaining anonymous, contacted us in the middle of an implementation they were doing with another company, because they had hit the end of their budget and they were far from complete. The company they were working with was pointing them in directions that sounded like more money and more time, leaving the client wondering if they would ever have a solution. The client didn’t understand what was going on and felt unable to make a decision between the complicated options they were given. They were even beginning to doubt they had purchased the right product.


Plano, Texas



Control Systems Integration and Manufacturing



  • Business Process Review
  • Reset of the ERP project
  • ERP Implementation done right

EstesGroup began with a Business Process Review (BPR) to discover the problems they were looking to resolve and learn more about the company so we could offer them the best solutions. Basically, they had no foundation, and really no progress, so we took over the implementation, because the Epicor Product they got was a good choice for their needs. They were told they needed elaborate customization, but we simplified it.


The client had spent nine months of time and over $220,000 and got nowhere. We were able to do the entire project, including setting a firm foundation with the BPR, undoing what had gone awry and complete the implementation and training for $141,000. We optimized their financial structure and eliminated the need for complex configurations suggested by the other firm. EstesGroup was able to save a failed implementation, that after 9 months was still not complete, and we were able to do it in just 6 months. And we did it all for less than their original budget.


How much time and money would have been saved if they started with us?

Are you stuck working with another ERP implementation and consulting firm who is not delivering?

Are you being charged too many fees for too little results?

Tell Us Your Story And We Will Find A Solution Together.

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