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Filling the technical gaps

by Apr 2, 2021Success Stories

A Case Study for IT Expertise Support

A company located in Charlotte, North Carolina publishes 40 business publications and has over 3.6 million readers. Their focus on high quality journalism and heavy involvement in the community draws hundreds of thousands of participants to their events annually.


This company of 1,600 needed our help to bridge the gap between their current software interface and their Epicor program. They were aware they had areas of redundancy and waste that they wanted to automate and fix. They had the solution, but needed our expertise to pull the gap closed.


Charlotte, NC



Print Publication



  • Our ERP experts augmenting an already talented team.

Estes Group worked hand in hand with their IT department to make the fix. We were, and continue to be, and extension of the technical team. We have worked with them as needed for technical support for the last 4 years, including assisting get with upgrades and implementations where they needed a Project Manager who could see all the moving parts and pull in the right people that needed to contribute to the respective projects.


As a result of our work with this company, they were able to eliminate wasteful redundancies and human error by implementing automation tools so that they could run more efficiently than ever before.

What wasteful processes do you have in place that could be automated?

Where could your IT department use technical support, expertise or project management and implementation strategies?

Tell us what processes you wish could be automated.

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