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How many of these Epicor Storefront B2B ecommerce features does your site have that helps your business retain your most profitable customers?

We all know that it cost much more to obtain a new customer than it does to keep a customer, but that does not mean you can rest on your laurels when it comes to bringing continual value to your best customers. Here are the top ranked features that manufacturing and distribution customers have stated are very important for their vendors to have on their ecommerce sites that keep them coming back.
Ecommerce-Omnichannel1. The site displays my contract pricing and products after I sign in.

2. I can see all of my orders and the status of my orders regardless if I create an order on the ecommerce site or if I call Customer Service and they place my order.

3. I can see exactly how much inventory my vendor has available for each product on the site which helps me manage timely delivery and know up front if any portion of my order may be back ordered.

4. My employees can request quotes on the site and not have to wait to do this during business hours of the vendor.

5. Shipment tracking is critical to our business as our field technicians need to know within a few hours of when the order will arrive at their job site.

6. Our vendor supplies us with fairly complex products and being able to have access to installation documents, how to videos, and other technical information has really been helpful to our employees in completing jobs faster – they just use their phone, login and view or download the documents they need right when they need them.

These top ranked features make sense, and what allows the information to be current and available to the customers that they have ranked in the top 6 is tight integration with your E9 or Epicor 10 system. In addition, Customer Service has more time to focus on higher value services to your customers by providing current self-service information on the ecommerce site that answers their questions. So where do you stand with these six features that are critical to retaining your best customers? If it is time to switch ecommerce platforms OR actually implement your first B2B ecommerce site maybe it is time to look at Epicor Storefront! You won’t be disappointed.

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