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Right now, your business might rely heavily on Advanced Print Management to process and automatically generate PDF files for your customers.

APM is an IT solution created to extend automated, flexible delivery of important documentation in paperless (i.e. digital) form, most commonly via email or FTP, depending on your customer’s druthers.

APM was constructed as a scalable, modular tool that can be implemented out-of-the-box. It augments other forms of automatic report routing to include enhanced functionalities such as Scan-link, the creation and dispersal of supplemental documentation, and document repository actions.

Lots of enterprises were built on APM, but APM presents increasingly onerous limitations, specifically when paired with cloud-based applications, which have become the new norm. The Software as a Service (SaaS) model implies that most of a system’s key components are no longer hosted on one machine but distributed over multiple virtualized systems. In this environment, applications often migrate from one system to another to meet service level demands while dealing (as needed) with periodic outages.

Thankfully, Epicor 10.1 presents a fine solution whose secret lies in the software’s routing rules.

Using the report writing functions of Epicor 10.1, users can create their own custom routings.

With Epicor 10.1, you can define whichever routing rules you like to generate, print, and distribute any output via whatever means you choose. You instruct Epicor 10.1 to distribute these materials to your chosen recipient sets automatically.

The ability to set your own routing rules means that your enterprise can now address the various needs unique to your business. That means generating reports targeted specifically at customers sets, suppliers, and – importantly – your own internal users.

Report Routing functionality is central to Epicor’s architecture. It allows you to decide when and how your customers receive communications.

(Previous versions of Epicor offered basic routing options, and these features are still available for backwards compatibility with older reports.)



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ERP Recovery Project

ERP Recovery Project

This company, who is remaining anonymous, contacted us in the middle of an implementation they were doing with another company, because they had hit the end of their budget and they were far from complete.

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