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The A&D industry is facing growth and dynamic change. In striving for quality and status, it is facing challenges in maintaining both. From the procurement of raw materials to the introduction of new technologies that will impact production (and everything in between), there are industry-specific challenges that manufacturers must face. Fortunately, there is ERP software that has been developed for use in the Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing industry that can help with those challenges.

AS9100 and ITAR Compliance (Dynamic Compliance):

The rigorous demands of the regulatory environment aren’t going to go away anytime soon. Your ERP software has regulatory features built-in throughout, providing you with enhanced traceability and audit management that not only assists you in achieving compliance but helps you prove that you’re compliant, as well.

Supply Chain Risk Management:

An A&D company’s supply chain is always at risk due to factors such as unexpected shifts in demand, last-minute design changes, and even political shifts that can make it difficult to procure the raw materials you need. Your manufacturing ERP can provide you with the visibility of your supply chain that you need to monitor, respond to, and manage supply changes throughout the production cycle.

Supply Chain Complexity Creep:

Introducing new technology into your production cycle can result in what’s known as supply chain complexity creep. This is a slowdown of your work processes as workers learn the new technology and master its integration into the supply chain. Your ERP for A&D manufacturing helps to alleviate complexity creep by providing you with the ability to monitor and analyze the data generated from every step of the process so you can make quick decisions based on real-time information.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):

In an industry as complex as A&D manufacturing, you need the ability to manage all of the information required at every stage of the product’s lifecycle in order to manage your processes cost-effectively and within compliance. Your ERP system should provide powerful PLM capabilities to handle a massive range of processes and even the longest of product lifecycles.

The Aerospace & Defense sector has particularly complex processes that are marked by stringent regulations, rapid changes, and intricate engineering. Thankfully, EstesGroup has your need for a highly adaptable ERP system covered. For more information, contact us.

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