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Process-Driven Methodology Stage 1: Prepare
Process-Driven Methodology Stage 2: Educate

Build Without Converted Data

Stage Three of EstesGroup’s 5 Stage process driven methodology for ERP implementation is Build the Architecture.

This is the Stage where we nail down your Proof of Concept by doing the heavy lifting: building a full database for your ERP implementation from scratch.

Please understand this key differentiator between EstesGroup and other ERP consultanting firms: We do not use converted data to build your ERP solution!

Converting data right away tilts your project towards your legacy system and your old ways of processing. It doesn’t support breaking down barriers and promoting growth through new change. Instead, we let your current processes and desired future state act as our guides. In our experience, we’ve learned that good processes naturally provide a sound roadmap for data conversion.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

As we’ve already mentioned, we treat every company’s business processes as particular and exceptional. The fashion in which your enterprise conducts itself is as unique to you as a person’s fingerprint.

One size does not fit all, so you won’t find us leveraging templates and boilerplate models as we construct your solution.

But this is yet another reason why our methodology works. Stages One and Two gave us significant insight into precisely how your enterprise operates. Armed with such a deep understanding of your unique processes, and having already mapped out the course of your implementation from the ground up, we can begin constructing your successful ERP solution with immense confidence.

The dividends paid by due diligence are staggering. By putting ample time and effort into our Preparation and Education Stages, our solution architects create higher degrees of efficiency faster during forthcoming testing Stages.

Going Live

At EstesGroup, we have a simple test for evaluating the success of Stage Three:

Your enterprise should be able to go live with its ERP solution the moment we’ve finished building it.

Imagine getting up to the plate in a baseball game and knocking one out of the park on your very first swing. What a great feeling! You’re in the zone, and the sky’s the limit!

Our equivalent for ERP implementations is pretty much the same. Ideally, once your architecture if finished, we activate the solution and find that:

  • All requested functionalities operate at optimal levels.
  • Reporting jobs run swiftly and error-free.
  • Dashboards work perfectly, and – per your request – display the specific interface options you requested to match your employees’ needs.
  • All documentation exists and is ready to use, including documentation for end user procedures.

In other words, we’ve built a good ship. We’ve built it together. Now all it needs is for someone to break a bottle of champagne across the bow.

But of course few implementations go off without a single hitch. Which is why we built in two more Stages to ensure the highest degree of quality and user satisfaction.

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