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Process Driven Methodology Stage 1: Prepare

Modern Tower of Babel

Stage Two of EstesGroup’s 5 stage process driven methodology for ERP implementation is Educate.

Almost everyone’s heard the old Biblical tale about the Tower of Babel. The gist of the story is as powerful as it is simple:

No matter how aligned we are in our goals, we can never cooperate fully with one another until we develop a common language.

Our ultimate goal in Stage Two of our methodology is to make sure there’s no miscommunication between your business and ours that will impede successful and timely implementation of your ERP solution.

So how do we do this?


A Common Language

In the Education stage of your ERP implementation, EstesGroup consultants will:

Synchronize vocabulary

At EstesGroup, we never assume that we understand each and every term or concept your business employs. Every enterprise is unique, and we  know that our successful partnership with your enterprise depends on a meeting of minds.

ERP is a complicated field that employs its own, distinct patois and enough acronyms to fill a textbook on the military training. You have to speak ERP to succeed at ERP, and we speak it well. But we also speak the language of business. Which lets us speak to you.

By synchronizing vocabulary, we map the idiosyncratic jargon of your enterprise to the dialect we speak as your ERP consultants, and the particular software package we’ve selected as the best solution for you.

Expose your team to our core development

Once we’ve synchronized vocabularies, our consultants will develop prototype examples of your business processes in the selected ERP solution. Typically, this involves mapping sample processes related to your sales, production, distribution, accounting, and inventory management.

The whiteboard is our friend during this stage. We draft, revise, redraft, and test each process to make certain that the cogs we’re developing fit the machine of your enterprise perfectly.

Provide total transparency

Our Educate stage is also the first glimpse your team will have into how EstesGroup is recreating your business using the chosen ERP solution. It’s the first time your employees will see how the customers, inventories, vendors, and processes vital to your enterprise transact in the new core model architecture we’re designing.

Typically, this stage lasts about two to three weeks. It’s an exciting and dynamic interval where questions are encouraged, ideas are tested, hurdles are conquered, and wins are celebrated.

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