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Our 5-Stage ERP Process WORKS

Estes Group is one of the leading ERP consultancies worldwide. We specialize in implementing the ERP solution that’s tailor made for your business, checking back in to make sure the solution continues to function at optimal standards, and helping you strategize the continued success of your enterprise.

At Estes Group, we pride ourselves on our 5-stage process driven methodology for ERP. We rely on this approach for good reasons. It’s stable but flexible. It can adapt easily to projects of any scope in any sector. It’s proven. And it works. (Read Our ERP Success Stories.)

Stage One of our ERP methodology is Prepare.

Most people don’t believe us when we say that Stage One of any Estes Group ERP implementation begins with you. But it’s true. Whether you realize it or not, you’re in the Prepare stage right now. Something about your business isn’t functioning the way you want it to (or you likely wouldn’t be here, reading this blog post). You’re investigating options, looking for experts, and trying to figure out a solution that’s right for you. Congratulations on taking the first step! Estes Group conducts a complete Business Process Review of your enterprise as part of our Prepare Stage. Everyone’s heard that old line: “measure twice, cut once.” It grew out of the carpentry trade, whose craftsman long ago discovered the amount of time a person can waste on a project if they don’t commit to adequate preparation.

During our Business Process Review

We get to know your company inside and out:

  • We learn what your goals are, and what factors have proven a hurdle to those goals. This helps us craft your project scope.
  • We spend a lot of time pinning down your critical success factors. What are the benchmarks your business needs to hit in order for you to feel satisfied? Identifying these circumstances helps us to set and work toward your expectations.
  • We then outline all the work required to conduct a successful ERP implementation based on your Project Scope and Expectations. In other words, we develop your project plan, a roadmap that will take us from where you are now to the success you want to experience with your enterprise.
  • Finally, our staff conducts a Best Practice Review with you. Measure twice, cut once. During our review, we check to make sure that nothing was missed. We want each partner in your implementation — your business and ours — to feel immensely comfortable with every factor we input into the equation of your success. Then and only then will we move on to Stage Two of our ERP Implementation.

Continue To Stage Two: Educate.

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