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Process-Driven Methodology Stage 1: Prepare
Process-Driven Methodology Stage 2: Educate
Process-Driven Methodology Stage 3: Build the Architecture
Process-Driven Methodology Stage 4: Validate

Fine-Tuning, Not Heavy Lifting

Stage Five of EstesGroup’s 5-Stage process driven methodology for ERP implementation is Stabilize.

We carefully planned and assiduously executed our first four stages of your implementation. Now all that’s left to do is perfect it, which shouldn’t feel hard in the least.

At EstesGroup, we like to say that Stabilization is not a major event. We’ve already done the heavy lifting. This last bit of work is more about fine-tuning.

Yes, we go live in the Stabilize stage. But by this point, going live should feel like a smooth transition. Remember: we’ve already mapped out your system with incredible care. We’ve already built your database to encompass every process your enterprise requires. We’ve also tested your system using real world data to confirm that it works as it should.

After doing all that, going live should feel like a natural extension of our plan: a fitting denouement to your implementation and an exciting launch of your new ERP-empowered enterprise.

With You During Employee Transition

One of our major milestones during the Stabilize stage is the transition your employees will make to the new system. Please note that EstesGroup is still with you during this critical juncture. We’re still there, guiding you every step of the way.

Our specialists even commit to helping you through your company’s first fiscal close. This way, you can feel certain that your year-end reports will all be in order, and any processes you need to have illuminated during this critical moment of your company’s operation are demystified.

When you engage EstesGroup as your ERP implementation specialists, your first time closing your books with your new ERP solution should feel like a seamless, even satisfying experience.

Please note that a Project Review is a big part of our work during Stage Five.

During this review, we ask ourselves:

  • What are the next steps you’d like to take?
  • Where do you see your business expanding from here?
  • How can the system we built for you handle those processes, and
  • How can we move you into those operations on the timetable you like and with the ease you’ve come to expect from having EstesGroup as your guides?

Answer the following questions and let's see if you are ready for a Business Process Review and an ERP implementation or upgrade.

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