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Process-Driven Methodology Stage 3: Build the Architecture

Ready to Activate ERP

Stage Four of EstesGroup’s 5 Stage process driven methodology for ERP implementation is Validate.

As we wrote previously, your enterprise should basically be ready to activate its ERP solution by the end of Stage Three of our implementation.

So what’s left to achieve in Stage Four?

How about proof positive that the system we built for you is exactly what you ordered, and works perfectly under every core process?


Series of Trial Runs

In Stage Four, EstesGroup engineers host a series of conference room pilots with your implementation team. Think of these pilots as a series of trial runs using your new ERP solution.

By testing your system with real world transactions, we prove that your system will function in the real world. It’s that simple. Our goal in Stage Four is to feel satisfied that your system operates under the most rigorous tests we can think to devise.

Our Validation checks are the equivalent of running a stress test on banks to make sure they withstand the next financial crisis. Or road testing that car you really want to buy. Or sampling a bit of fine wine before letting the sommelier know that it’s okay to pour.

Our conference room pilots create a mock launch for your ERP solution, but please don’t confuse this with a controlled simulation! We see no point to running a series of flaccid, generic tests that have little or nothing to do with your specific enterprise.

Rather, we typically grab a  sample size of actual data from your company’s operation logs and load this set as our means of  executing proof positive testing.


Why Use Your Actual Data?

Using actual data from your enterprise is important because, after all, we configured this system for you, and no one else.

Importantly, actual data culled from your records will typically include:

  • Starting point transactions.
  • Mid-stream transactions.
  • Transactions approaching completion.
  • Transactions that might reveal points of address in the architecture.

In other words, we’re loading live ammo to conduct our war games.

Our Validation Stage is a “real world” exercise that must be completed before both your company and ours feels comfortable pulling the trigger and going live with your new ERP solution.

Once Validation is complete, our specialists will move on the final implementation Stage, which is Stabilization.

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