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Goal #5 in Selecting Your The Best Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) System: Be Persistent and Work Hard!
The 10 Principles of Success

We continue to delve into the ERP Selection process with the 5th Goal for Success: Persistence and Hard Work Pay Off!

The 10 Principles of Success are:

1. How You Think is Everything! 

  • Always be positive.
  • Think success not failure.
  • Be aware of a negative environment.

2. Decide on What Your True Goals Are!

  • Write down what your specific goals are.
  • Write down a plan/time line in how to obtain your goals.

3. Take Action!

  • Goals/Plans are nothing without action.
  • Don’t be afraid to get started – “Just Do It”, it doesn’t need to be perfect to start, nothing ever is!

4. Never Stop Learning!

  • Get on-going training so use to better your organization.

5. Persistence and Hard Work Pay-off!

  • Success is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Never give up on the goal/plan that you created in number 3 above, original or revised!

6. Learn How to Analyze the Details!

  • Get all the facts/input you can – Learn from your mistakes.

7. Focus Your Time and Money!

  • Don’t let other things and people distract you!

8. Don’t be Afraid to Innovate and Change – Be Different!

  • Following the way that it’s always been done is a sure way to achieve nothing.

9. Communicate and Deal with People Effectively!

  • Learn to understand what motivates the people you work with and what they need to be successful. No person is the organization or is indispensable.

10. Be Honest and Dependable!

  • Take Responsibility – Otherwise 1 through 9 above won’t matter.

As a disclaimer, these 10 Principles of Success come from Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) newspaper aimed at helping stock market investors understand what good growth stocks to invest in, based on what the current overall market conditions are.  EstesGroup believes that a company can apply these 10 Principles of Success to ERP systems; that is selecting, implementing and using them.
How does the 5th Principle of Success apply to:

Choosing the Right ERP System for Your Business?

Principle # 5:  Persistence and Hard Work Pay-off!

If no one has told you selecting an ERP system is hard work.  To choose the right system your company’s selection team needs to be doggedly persistent; believe me your hard work will pay-off.
“How You Think”, “Establishing Goals”, “Taking Action” and “Learning” are all important Principles to successfully choosing the right ERP system, but Working Hard and being Persistent in your review of ERP systems is equally important.

Remember an ERP system will touch every facet of your business, so it becomes critical that an ERP review team is focused on sharing their knowledge on an on-going basis with one another on how the operation functions today and how they want it to function when you start using an ERP system.  Upper management needs to consistently sit in on this review process and provide on-going feedback to the team to stay on task.  The hard work and persistence comes in scheduling and attending weekly ERP meeting discussions with other review team members.  The hard work and persistence comes in attending/actively participating in all day ERP system demonstrations.  The hard work and persistence comes in taking detail notes as the ERP demonstration is being done and then writing them up to share with the other review team members.   As with most team functions, your company will have stronger team members than others.  The hard work andpersistence for upper management is to provide the review team with the needed encouragement to not take short cuts through the review process and to do the hard work it takes to make the right ERP selection for the company.  Oh yes, upper management also needs to set an example by showing up for planned ERP review meetings and actively participating with their thoughts as well.

The hard work and persistence involved in selecting the right ERP system means you show up early for work and leave late.  The pay-off in selecting the right ERP system is your company runs more efficiently and effectively which typically means you ultimately make more money as well as you can get your work down as you grow, in a normal 8 hour workday.

Need help doing the hard work necessary to select the right ERP system, let EstesGroup help, we’ve been doing this type hard work for years.  Our business experience, industry knowledge and our work ethic sets us apart from all other consulting firms.

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