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I saw a great video yesterday by National Geographic entitled “Celebrate”,  the gist of it was “don’t dream it, be it”. (No RHPS jokes, please, this is a professional space!) That is, we can live in the complacent world view that’s all around us  – and if we’re willing to settle for it, ho hum, it’s off to work we go.

The question is:

Are you willing to settle for the mundane, less than ‘the possible’?  I’m not.

daryl sirota estesclound estesgroupThose who know me probably thought I was crazy when I quit my job of 28 years to move out of Baltimore.  My job, family, friends were great – some thought I had it all.  After all, being a Senior Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer has its benefits.  BUT – I was living to work, and NOT working to live, another mantra of mine.

Go West, Young Man” a voice inside said.  Look for something better, don’t settle for less.  We moved to Colorado and found a mini-paradise.  Perfect? No. Better than most places I’ve been?  Yep.  If you’ve never been here, come visit and see His hand at work.  Rocky Mountains, blue skies, friendly people, bike friendly, and more organic health food than you could ever ask to eat.  I was working almost 100% remotely, not tied to the daily commute, I was making my break/fix clients happy, but…

Wow, who could ask for anything more?  Me.

So, we sold the house (in FrackLand) and travelled for almost a year.  We got to see Israel and lots of the EU.  Staying in places @airbnb, homes that were out of a magazine.  I still worked, mind you – as my job is almost entirely remote – but being able to sightsee in the AM, work in the PM (when there was work for me to do) was entirely cool.  I have to tell you, travel is the cure for ignorance, and we learned a whole lot while overseas.  But, moving every month or two to a new pad was challenging, and it was time to come back to the good ‘ol US of A.

Now, all I needed was something to satisfy my creative urge.  You know the feeling, you have it too, if you haven’t forgotten it.  The desire to make more of oneself, to improve the world, to spread some of the love, talents, and gifts that I was given to my fellow peeps.  My talent is System Engineering… I’m a geek, and proud of it.

Enter Bruce Grant @EstesGroup.  He shared a vision with me, whereby we’d combine our best assets into a new business venture.  Consider that I’m a pretty decent engineer (just ask my LinkedIn folks) and that Bruce has started many a successful venture.  Also consider that for over 10 years EstesGroup has been doing business process management, ERP, HCM, and a bunch of other acronyms that I’m only now learning how to spell.  Bruce saw that desire in me and decided to take a chance.

EstesGroup’s vision is of Managed Services 2.0 – a potent combination of technology, business acumen, and crack project management.   MSP 2.0 is spoken of at technology conferences, but with EstesGroup, it’s going to fly.  EstesGroup is strong, smart, small, fast, and agile enough to pull it off.

I caught the vision and just like the eagles over the Rockies, I’m gonna ride this one high, my friends!

I can’t wait to see what’s next!  Will you follow me?

Daryl Sirota
EstesGroup Consulting

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