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Process Improvement

Real Business People Improving Your Business Process

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to improve your business operations.

You know the patterns that keep happening:

Sales is not in sync with production and purchasing.

You are always behind the eight ball when it comes to keeping your production line moving.

You just want your life back, and you just KNOW that everything could be so much better.

Engage with EstesGroup in a Business Process Review to identify and improve your sales, production, and purchasing processes.

Sales Process Review

We want to help you make your sales process better than ever before.
Is your sales team out of sync with your business?
Are there a lot of inefficiencies between your sales team and processing an order?
Is your sales team failing to adopt your software and use it to it’s full capability?

Access Our Sales Process Review Video

Production Process Review

Do you know what your true capacity is at your plant?
Are you always feeling behind the eight ball with keeping your production line moving?
Are you experiencing on time delivery or quality issues?

Access Our Production Process Review Video

BPR Production Process

Purchasing Process Review

Are materials piling up and going to waste?
Do you have to stop production because you find that materials are not ready to use on schedule?
Do you know the true cost of a bad supplier to your business?
Do you even know how to identify a bad supplier?

Sign up and I will tell you a helpful story about how we improved the purchasing process of a business like yours through a business process review.

Access Our Production Process Review Video

BPR Production Process