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EstesCloud Referral Program

Partner with us to give your clients private cloud solutions and managed IT support.
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The Most Generous Referral Program In The Industry

Your customers have a variety of needs, and no single provider can support them all. EstesGroup partners with consultants and service providers by offering managed IT and cloud services. This helps our shared customers reduce risks, streamline business and improve the bottom line. Many of our customers come to us looking to streamline company operations by utilizing our products to create a tailored fit — an ideal solution that illuminates present and changing needs. The future of IT is adaptable technology, especially in light of remote workforce trends, and this creates a need for businesses to look for additional, often external, resources. This is where EstesGroup comes in. We are especially focused on clients who may benefit from outsourcing some or all of the complex work intrinsic to technology. We put a large emphasis on customer referrals, and we reward our referral partners handsomely. If you feel like there might be a business that may benefit from managed hosting or from the outsourcing of complex application management or other IT needs, please come talk to us. We save our clients money, improve their focus and reduce their risks.

Partner Program Characteristics

Comprehensive Expertise, Unparalleled Value

Bryan Provo is President of Alliance Machine, Inc, a manufacturer of high-value products for aerospace, defense, medical and technology industries. EstesGroup has been hosting Alliance Machine’s Epicor E10 application since 2017. EstesGroup further strengthened their system infrastructure through comprehensive managed IT support, including backup and disaster recovery solutions and cybersecurity services. Bryan summarized the success of this complete integration of ERP and IT managed services: “It’s been an absolute heaven-sent.” We hope that you’ll say the same thing after engaging in our referral partner program.

ERP Hosting Success Story:

Listen to Bryan Provo and Bruce Grant discuss how managed services can increase operational security while lowering costs.

Managed IT & ERP Hosting Partnership

Create cost-effective technology solutions for your clients. Partner with us to give your customers user-friendly, company-specific roadmaps for cloud-based application hosting and ERP hosting solutions, top-tier managed IT services and holistic endpoint security platforms. Through your partnership with EstesGroup, you enrich your offerings by including ours. Your clients will benefit from your recommendations, and their success will come from the integrity of the relationships we build together.


Managed Server Care Technicians

Skilled IT Technicians

99.7%+ SLA, 24/7/365 Support

Flexible, Scalable ERP Cloud Services

Bruce Grant and Brad Feakes Onsite ERP Consulting

Bruce Grant, CEO & Brad Feakes, SVP

Decades Upon Decades of ERP Expertise

Epicor Consulting Firms and Business Balance

Managed IT

Virtual Offices

On-site and Remote Worker Security

“I was tasked with finding an impenetrable managed IT service, and I did my homework and made a lot of phone calls and did a lot of intros, and I circled back around to my partnership with EstesGroup and realized that they had exactly what I was looking for.”

Bryan Provo

President, Alliance Machine, Inc

Partner with EstesGroup to Secure Your Clients

Keep your clients safe from both small cyberattacks and from those that completely disable systems and destroy livelihoods. Protect corporate environments from phishing threats, spyware, viruses, ransomware, malware and cyber warfare. EstesGroup helps businesses and organizations by providing a full suite of sophisticated, secure cloud hosting solutions and full-service managed IT services. You can give your clients immediate access to the best managed IT services on the market, including cybersecurity tools that offer protection against devastating ransomware and other threats.

Partner With EstesGroup’s Private Cloud Platform

Our referral partner program has been designed with solution symbiosis as its core value. In our cloud hosting environment, your customers will be supported by the best tools available, guarded by industry-leading technology and cybersecurity experts. Your services, supported by ours, will bring your clients the most nurturing and enriching infrastructure available to today’s companies. We partner for Epicor cloud hosting, Prophet 21 hosting, Sage, SysPro, QuickBooks, and more. Though our managed hosting referral program, you can offer comprehensive cloud-based technology to everyone in your network. By trusting us to be your cloud partner, you gain managed IT and ERP hosting resources without costly investments or increased risks. While you continue to support your clients with consulting services, we help meet their technology needs. Our managed services partnership will bring your customers the IT and cloud-based ERP solutions they need, and your referrals will increase your reputation and your revenue stream. Happy cloud, happy community.