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What are the Strengths of Epicor 10? Features for Everyone On Board

Every enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has a sweet spot. These are the things it does well and the capabilities that separate it from other ERP systems. This is especially important to understand when in the midst of a software selection cycle. Choosing an ERP system can be a long, time-consuming journey, especially with the masses of social media touting every ERP vendor out there. Managing software requirements to meet business requirements needs an industry-specific strategy. For 17 years, EstesGroup has helped companies choose and implement the best software for every need. We know that if you keep your decision on your terms, ERP deployment will revolutionize your business.

Epicor 10 Features Assembled: A Perfect ERP Solution For Manufacturers

  • Epicor enterprise resource planning software is a great choice for discrete manufacturers operating in a variety of manufacturing modes.
  • To support the needs of diverse companies, Epicor offers a number of core capabilities.
  • Considering everything from the human resources needed for project management to the specifics like material requirements planning (MRP), an EstesGroup Epicor ERP consultant can help you understand and implement your applications with clarity.
  • Epicor software works with on-premise, public cloud, private and hybrid cloud hosting. EstesCloud IT consultants can assess your server and your systems and design a perfect solution for your team.

Deep Bills of Materials

Deep bills of materials (BOMs) are the core of complex products. Companies manufacturing such products need ERP systems that can handle complex product structures. Epicor 10’s engineering module allows customer to define deep levels of bills of materials, whether through phantom assemblies, subassemblies or manufactured, stocked components. Epicor also provides the ability to define and redefine these structures, not only at the part master level, but also for quotes and jobs allowing for the engineering of product from sales through to manufacturing.


Product Configuration

Epicor software provides a fully integrated product configurator, supporting configure-to-order (CTO) environments. This is one of our favorite Epicor 10 features. Integrated with the quote, sales order and production modules, it allows for configuration and reconfiguration at multiple steps of the business cycle. Product configuration allows companies in engineer-to-order environments organize their capabilities, where possible, saving time and improving accuracy. For many companies, identifying and building the rule-based product structure allows companies to scale their operations into markets that demand the quick and consistent definition and delivery of custom product.


Mixed Mode Manufacturing Support

Even in CTO and ETO environments, companies benefit greatly from standardizing lower-level components and processing them in a make-to-stock model. In such environments, Epicor supports mixed mode processing, where common components can be aggregated and supplied in manners that maximize efficiency, and can be consumed by higher-level assemblies and finished goods that are configured or engineered to order. 


Manufacturing Execution

ERP systems historically focused on the front office activities: planning and organizing of supply and demand, allowing third-party tools to manage the actual execution of manufacturing activities on the shop floor. Contemporary ERP systems have developed integrated modules to address these needs and Epicor similarly provides a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to optimize the production control, material issue, material movement, and shipping activities on the shop floor.This allows for the real-time tracking and management of shop labor, inventory, and shipping transactions, and linking these transactions with the front office. 


Product Quoting and Estimating

In many industries, the ability to provide answers to detailed Requests for Proposal (RFP) is fundamental to bringing in new business. Epicor’s quote module provides extensive estimating capabilities, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently handle RFPs. Built on the same principles as Epicor’s engineering module, it ensures the output will be accurate and will conform to the company’s capabilities. Supporting cost-plus pricing strategies, the quote module allows salespeople to build cost models from the manufacturing details, and then levy markups and discounts to derive a final price. 


Engineer-to-Order Support

ERP systems are traditionally build around an item master—a collection of “standard” parts. But many “job shop” manufacturers do not operate from a collection of pre-defined item master. For customers who operate in true ETO environments, Epicor ERP supports the flow of such products through the application using “parts on the fly”—products that do not live in the item master, but rather only on the quote, order, and job. This provides the ability to define products without having to plug up their item master with products that will never be made again.


Combining Discrete and Project-Based Manufacturing

Engineer-to-order has a variant of project manufacturing, where manufacturers process large aggregate orders without handling the detail normally associated with discrete manufacturing environments. Often, hybrid scenarios exist, where certain elements of a project, such as engineering and installation are handled in aggregate, while the product itself is discretely manufactured and delivered. Epicor ERP’s project module integrates the sales and production modules to support the manufacture and sale of discrete goods, while also providing the ability process revenue and cost in aggregate. 


Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Material Resource Planning allows companies to integrate supply and demand. Epicor’s MRP module works to supply various forms of demand, whether it be inventory level requirements, independent demand from sales orders, forecasts, or dependent demand from work order bills of materials.This is tightly tied to its job management and inventory modules. It organizes, aggregates and generates supply records for purchased and manufactured component to meet the necessary demand dates. Epicor also offers multi-level pegging, to provide the ability to trace the planned supply to their respective sources of demand. 


Integrated Analytics and KPIs

An increasing demand of enterprise systems has been to provide improved reporting solutions to meet the performance needs of users and managers, to better gain informative insights from the vast amounts of data generated by the enterprise systems themselves. Epicor’s Data Discovery (EDD) platform allows for the creation and presentation of real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), integrated with users’ active homepage, allowing users and managers to track the live performance of the organization, as reflected in its data accumulations.


The Value of Epicor 10 Features

In general, ERP systems bring a lot of value to companies by standardizing business processes, automating tasks, and providing a platform on which further growth and improvement can be attained. For manufacturing companies, Epicor provides a number of core capabilities that support complex manufacturing, in a variety of modes, all on a robust architecture that is built for long-term maintenance and support. In our many years of Epicor consulting, we’ve seen companies move beyond spreadsheets and green screens to Epicor 10 and transform their organizations in the process. Properly implementing the right ERP system can be a game-changing event for many companies. And for many companies, Epicor 10 is the right ERP system. This is true if you’re coming from an older version, like Epicor 9, or if you’re completely new to ERP software. Additionally, we know what boosts your software solutions without busting your budget, so we offer Epicor ERP integration services.


Are you looking for Epicor 10 help?

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