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Epicor 10

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Epicor Consulting Services For New ERP Customers & Legacy Devotees

Whether you are an existing Epicor customer, living on a legacy version, or a manufacturer in search of a world-class ERP, Epicor’s E10 application possesses the tools and capabilities to take your business to the next level. Just check out some of the key features that make Epicor stand out from the competition:


World-class architecture

Leaving its Progress backend behind, Epicor 10 is built on an entirely Microsoft-centric stack, complete with a SQL Server database. This allows for improved versatility, scalability, and maintainability, paving the way for an architecture that you can bank on.


Improved performance

Epicor’s new architecture provides a seamless transition between application layers, from the client to the server to the database, shedding the cumbersome middleware that afflicted its early incarnations. The net result is a snappy, peppy user experience and improved responsive time.


Robust toolsets

In rebuilding its fundament application architecture, Epicor rebuilt many of its core toolsets, to conform with a Microsoft orientation. Epicor’s Product Configurator Module provides the ability to support customizable product with business rules and programmable logic. Business Activity Queries (BAQs) are more powerful than ever, allowing companies to address complex data access and presentation needs. Epicor’s Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities are stronger than ever in E10. Possessing the ability to combine logical workflows with custom C# routines, BAQs and user-interaction, BPMs provide the ability to tailor business logic to support the unique requirements of your business.


Real-time KPIs

Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) combines with Epicor’s Active Homepage gives users the ability to tailor their own Epicor experience, providing a personalized platform for interacting with the application. Combining shortcuts and links with embedded real-time charts, graphs, and KPIs, users can draw maximize value from the Epicor the application’s vast data stores, converting raw data into valuable information.


Improved Reporting

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides an integrated and scalable reporting solution, allowing users to tailor standard reports while creating new ones to meet their internal, customer, or compliance needs.


Take Advantage Of All Of The Features Epicor 10 Has To Offer



EstesGroup uses our proprietary “Peak Methodology” to help new and upgrading Epicor customers during their Epicor 10 implementation. As a new user of Epicor ERP Version 10 customer, you’re going to want to be assured that you’re working with a top Epicor consulting firm on Epicor ERP Version 10, not just Epicor 9. EstesGroup is a premier Epicor ERP Version 10 service provider, and we can provide you the implementation plan that’ll save you time and money.

Certified Epicor 10 Consultants

EstesGroup certified Epicor 10 consultants will show you how to implement Epicor ERP Version 10 by truly utilizing the Epicor 10 “Best Practices” shown below:

  • Blazing Performance
  • Proven Stability
  • Simplicity and Ease-of-Use
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Ready for the Future
  • Increased Deployment Flexibility
  • Support for the Mobile Generation
  • Closer to Your Customers and Suppliers
  • Room to Expand
  • Enhanced Tools

Simplify Technology, Improve Operations, and Gain Efficiencies…

ERP Recovery Project

ERP Recovery Project

This company, who is remaining anonymous, contacted us in the middle of an implementation they were doing with another company, because they had hit the end of their budget and they were far from complete.