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Epicor 10

Take Advantage Of All The Features Epicor 10 Has To Offer

As a current Epicor customer using a legacy Epicor ERP system, EstesGroup can help you and your company understand the differences of what you had to what you have now during your Epicor 10 implementation. Here’s hint, don’t just plan on doing a simple data migration to Epicor ERP Version 10 you’ll need to train your people to take advantage of the new functionality and technology of Epicor ERP Version 10.

Do you know what Epicor Social Enterprise is and how to best utilize it in your company?

What’s the significance of Epicor ERP Version 10 having a new Downtime button added to the MES Menu to report downtime against a job, with a reason of why production stopped?

If you’re company uses the Configurator module you most definitely will want to engage with EstesGroup prior to Epicor 10 implementation; since we have the best Configurator Epicor 10 consulting team in the country. They will show your implementation team that in Epicor ERP Version 10 that the Configurator Designer functionalities are now divided among the entry programs below (not the single entry program Epicor 9 possessed):

Configurator Entry  |  Configurator Designer  |  Configurator Rule Entry

There are a number of other functional differences/advantages of Epicor ERP Version 10 that your company will want to take advantage of regardless of whether you’re a new customer just implementing the system or a current Epicor customer upgrading from a different Epicor ERP system.



EstesGroup uses our proprietary “Peak Methodology” to help new and upgrading Epicor customers during their Epicor 10 implementation. As a new user of Epicor ERP Version 10 customer, you’re going to want to be assured that you’re working with a certified Epicor partner on Epicor ERP Version 10, not just Epicor 9. EstesGroup is a premier Epicor ERP Version 10 certified service provider and we can provide you the implementation plan that’ll save you time and money.

Certified Epicor 10 Consultants

EstesGroup Certified Epicor 10 Consultants will show you how to implement Epicor ERP Version 10 by truly utilizing the Epicor 10 “Best Practices” shown below:

  • Blazing Performance
  • Proven Stability
  • Simplicity and Ease-of-Use
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Ready for the Future
  • Increased Deployment Flexibility
  • Support for the Mobile Generation
  • Closer to Your Customers and Suppliers
  • Room to Expand
  • Enhanced Tools

Simplify Technology, Improve Operations, and Gain Efficiencies…

Learn From Our Experts: Access Our Epicor 10 Out Of The Box Tools Video Series.

Ready To Upgrade? Download our “Get Ready For Your Epicor 10 Upgrade” Worksheet.