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Epicor 9 Implementation

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If you decide that your “Go Live” date is the most important aspect of your Epicor 9 Implementation then it’ll most likely be EstesGroup’s recommendation to use what we refer to as a “Phased Implementation Approach” Vs implementing all the modules right away (or the “Big Bang” approach). For example your company is approaching its business year-end (3 to 6 months) and you want to “Go Live” on the Epicor 9 Financial applications (Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL) and Advanced Financial Reporter (AFR), EstesGroup will help you create a Phase 1 implementation plan/timeline for just these modules. This will of course take into consideration the other Epicor modules you’ve purchased that might be part of a Phase 2 implementation plan/timeline; that would typically start right after you stabilized your Phase 1 efforts.

If your company is a manufacturer of the Epicor Operation modules (Engineering, Material Requirement’s Planning (MRP), Inventory, Production Control, Sales Orders, Purchasing, etc.) might be part of a Phase 2 implementation. Phase 3 might be Customer Resource Management (CRM).

EstesGroup will assign you an experienced Epicor 9 Implementation Project Leader that will help you and your team work through these issues to help you determine what the best implementation approach is for your company.


One of the first questions we’re asked by our customers implementing or re-implementing Epicor 9 is…

“I have all these modules, what’s the best approach and what modules do we implement first”? Of course there’s no standard/canned answer because every company’s situation is different in this regard.


Custom Epicor 9 Solutions from Estes GroupAn Epicor 9 Implementation starts with clear communication/expectation on what date your company wants to “Go Live” with using the Epicor 9 solution. If you have a tight Epicor 9 implementation window (less than 6 months) and you’ve purchased a majority of the Epicor 9 modules, you may want to re-think your “Go Live” date or your approach of implementing all the Epicor modules at once.


It is vitally important to your organizations successful Epicor 9 Implementation to understand what’s referred to as the “Best Practices” of Epicor. EstesGroup consulting will show you how best to use the Epicor 9 system as it was designed and combine that with what your company’s current “Best Practices” are throughout the implementation.

Analyzing and documenting what the “Gaps” are of Epicor’s “Best Practices” to your companies becomes an important exercise to ensure a successful Epicor 9 Implementation. Typically the best way for EstesGroup to understand how your company operates (its current “Best Practices” is to conduct a 3 to 5 day Business Process Review (BPR) at your facility with your team.

lady-tier-3Why is Epicor 9 Implementation “Project Governance” so important to your organization realizing an on-time, in budget E9 implementation? Who in your organization is involved? When are they involved? What role/responsibility does your Epicor consulting firm have with Project Governance?

Call or email EstesGroup today and we’ll gladly share with you our experience to what the proper steps are for a successful Epicor 9 Implementation!

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