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Epicor 9 to Kinetic: Implementation Strategies for any Epicor ERP Project

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Determining Your Ideal Epicor Implementation Approach

When prioritizing your Epicor implementation, the choice between a “Phased Implementation Approach” or the “Big Bang” approach largely depends on your “Go Live” date’s significance. EstesGroup typically recommends the phased approach if your company is nearing a critical business period (3 to 6 months from the go-live target). For instance, if you intend to launch the Epicor Financial applications (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Advanced Financial Reporter), we will assist in crafting a Phase 1 implementation plan solely for these modules. Phase 2, involving other Epicor modules you’ve acquired, would follow shortly after the successful stabilization of Phase 1.

For manufacturers using Epicor Operation modules (Engineering, Material Requirement’s Planning, Inventory, Production Control, Sales Orders, Purchasing, etc.), Phase 2 could encompass these functionalities, and Phase 3 might be dedicated to Customer Resource Management (CRM).

An experienced Epicor implementation Project Leader will be assigned to guide your team in making these strategic decisions tailored to your company’s unique circumstances.

One of the initial inquiries from customers embarking on an Epicor implementation or re-implementation pertains to module prioritization and the best approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as each company’s situation differs.

Getting Started

A successful Epicor ERP implementation begins with crystal-clear communication and establishing the desired “Go Live” date for the Epicor solution. If your implementation timeline is tight (less than 6 months) and you’ve procured most Epicor modules, reconsidering either the “Go Live” date or implementing all modules simultaneously might be wise.

Best Practices

Understanding Epicor’s “Best Practices” is paramount for a successful Epicor implementation. EstesGroup’s consulting services will guide you in maximizing the Epicor system’s potential in alignment with your company’s current best practices.

Identifying gaps between Epicor’s “Best Practices” and your company’s operations is a crucial exercise. To comprehend your company’s current best practices, we typically conduct a 3 to 5-day Business Process Review (BPR) at your facility with your team.

The Significance of Project Governance

  • Why is “Project Governance” pivotal in ensuring your Epicor ERP implementation stays on time and on budget?
  • Who within your organization should be involved and when?
  • What responsibilities should your Epicor consulting firm assume in project governance?

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