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Epicor Vantage / Epicor Vista

It becomes apparent when we talk for the first time with Epicor Vantage and Vista customers about upgrading, they think it will be fairly straight-forward, easy and fairly quick. EstesGroup Epicor Vantage consultants are here to tell you that is the wrong way to approach a Vantage or Vista system upgrade. There are number of upgrade factors your company needs to consider before it doing it:

  • Data Migration (i.e. what shape is your data in)?
  • What new features/functions/modules will require your company to rethink their business processes to utilize the new functionality of the Epicor 9 or Epicor 10 systems?
  • What new IT Infrastructure will you need to operate Epicor 9 or 10?
  • Do you have the personnel that understands the new Technology and Tools (i.e. BAQ’s, Dashboards, Reports, etc.) that Epicor 9 or 10 is based on and uses?
  • Have you thought about which reports, forms, integrations to other system you use in Epicor Vantage and Epicor Vista that you’ll need to have available when you “GO LIVE” with your new Epicor 9 or 10 ERP system? Do you understand the jump to Epicor Kinetic?


The Epicor Vantage and Epicor Vista Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have serviced the manufacturing industry well for a number of years, but just like anything over time there are better ways of doing things today. The better way of doing ERP the Epicor way for Vantage and Vista customers is to upgrade to the Epicor 9 ERP system (or possibly Epicor 10 ERP system). EstesGroup has helped a number of Vantage and Vista customers upgrade over the years.

Available Data Template For Vantage 8

Becoming enamored with the new technology and functionality of the new Epicor systems will make your Vantage/Vista Upgrade a longer more costly endeavor, especially if you think all you have to do is migrate your data. EstesGroup Epicor consultants will use our proprietary Peak Methodology to carefully guide your Epicor Vista and Vantage system upgrade through to “GO LIVE” so your company is realizing the numerous benefits of why you upgraded to the new Epicor 9 or 10 system. EstesGroup has a plan, let us show your company the Estes way of upgrading. Together, we will make a difference.