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EstesGroup’s primary business focus is to provide small, medium and large Manufacturing/Repair, Distribution and Professional Service organizations Epicor system consulting services to implement/use the Epicor ERP system.

The Epicor system “Main Menu” above should look familiar! The main functional areas of the Epicor system are:

  • Sales Management
  • Service Management
  • Production Management
  • Material Management
  • Financial Management
  • Executive Analysis (Epicor Tools Development)
  • System Management

These functional areas of the Epicor system breaks down into the specific Epicor modules your company has purchased or is considering purchasing. Each embedded functional piece of the Epicor system has a key purpose to how your company will use the system to help you more effectively run your business.

Epicor consulting from a certified and experienced consulting company like EstesGroup is the absolute key to properly utilizing the Epicor system.

Contact EstesGroup today and let us share one idea (no charge) in how we can help you better use the Epicor system, no matter what your experience level is. You’ll be convinced you need to hire our team of Epicor ERP system consultants to implement, re-implement or just provide module training so you’re truly receiving the benefits of why you purchased the Epicor ERP system.

Simplify Technology, Improve Operations, and Gain Efficiencies…

Ready To Upgrade?
Download our “Get Ready For Your Epicor 10 Upgrade” Worksheet.