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Epicor CRM

Managing everything and everyone that touches a customer without an ERP system can definitely be a challenge. Think about it!

From the time your customer becomes a lead through one of your marketing campaigns, to the time you invoice them for your latest shipment, our Epicor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting helps your company organize pertinent information, so your people can provide effective and efficient service to them.

Epicor EstesGroup CRMSo what does the Epicor CRM system do for your company; well it does a lot, summarized with the major functional areas of the system below:

  • Manages National Accounts
  • Unlimited Call Notes/History Repository
  • Connects Microsoft Outlook Activity to Epicor CRM
  • Creates/Maintains Marketing Campaigns and Analysis
  • Customer Contact Information Repository
  • Sales Lead Management Tracking and Analysis for customers/salespeople/territories
  • Centralizing Source for many Epicor Trackers (i.e. Quotes, Orders, Shipment’s, etc.)


How did the customer become a customer?

Who was/is the salesperson that helps/sells to the customer?

What quotes, comments, part(s), did we make and ship to the customer?

lady-tier-3The bottom line of the Epicor CRM system is it helps your company with its organization of lead generation, managing prospects, shorter sales cycles, reduced lead-times, and more revenue. If your company is not realizing the many benefits of the Epicor CRM module, let customer relationship management consulting from EstesGroup train you in how to incorporate this tremendous tool into your daily activities.

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