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Epicor Supply Chain Management (SCM)

How many mistakes and how much time are you currently encountering with your manual Inventory transaction processing system today?

I’m talking from receipt of materials to shipping the finished part(s) to the customer. EstesGroup consulting will show your manufacturing/distribution facility the real value of using an online Inventory transaction (Data Collection/Handheld) system.

What does stock-to stock supply between warehouses or bins (back-to-forward stock) in a fully directed, managed and transactional environment mean to your supply chain and distribution process? Why is the Automatic, Manual and Managed distribution replenishment functionality in the Epicor Supply Chain Management system important to use?

Epicor Supply Chain Management

Epicor Supply Chain Management

The Epicor SCM suite of modules allows a manufacturing/distribution company the ability to link their trading partners and systems that make up their supply chain to the demand that their customers are generating to them with their orders. Planning, organizing, and controlling all those activities principally involved with the flow of materials into your facility is its primary function. The specific modules that make up the Epicor Supply Chain Management suite are shown below:
Carry customer inventory in your system without impacting the books or allowing MRP or Sales to consume the goods for other demand.
Allows the supplier to manage your inventory levels and replenishments.
Associate landed costs and other shipping fees direclty to your purchased cost and ultimately into your COGS. Containers are also trackable for product in transit.
Data capture where its needed most, at your fingertips and mobile.
Customer shipping and PO receiving couldn’t be simpler with Epicor ERP. Also available to transact from your MES terminals.
Complete inventory tracking including Serialization and Lot tracing when and where needed. From the time the product lands on your dock through WIP and eventually out of your doors Epicor tracks your products for you.
Unlocks the power of fulfillment workbench for you to be able to quickly allocate products to sales orders and jobs to ensure demands are accurate and timely.
Monitor your suppliers quality, on-time delivery and capabilities to deliver with SRM.
Automated label printing for items such as barcode labels upon receipt, auto printing of an invoice upon packing slip and more.
Manage your complete procurement cycle with MRP driven PO Suggestions or manual responses to Time Phase demand. Kanban purchasing is also available for automatic PO Generation for replenishment as are the suggestions that are driven from the system for subcontract operations.
Create contracts for your purchasing department to manage long term deals and special contract pricing.
Scan and pack style of shipping where you keep scanning each item you are placing in the box and then close the box and ship. Quicker than at the grocery store self check out.
Utlize the ability to configure multiple warehouses to segregate and track inventory efficiently and effectively. You have the ability to create quarantine QC warehouses, WIP, Raw, FG and more. Leveraging this capability properly can make cycle counting and full physicals a snap.

Time-Phased Material Requirements

Do your Purchasing personnel know how to use a “Time-Phased Material Requirements” report as a strategic planning tool to buy the right amount of material, at the right time? EstesGroup will show you how to correctly use the Purchase Management module to reduce your inventory levels, improve your on-time deliveries which greatly improve your company’s cash flow and profit levels.
lady-tier-3Let EstesGroup consulting provide your manufacturing/distribution facility the knowledge it needs to properly use the Epicor Supply Chain Management system (in conjunction with the demand management modules of the Epicor Sales Management suite) to remove the manual processes you’re most likely are using today (that don’t add any value) to enable you to satisfy your customer orders/demands at a lower cost with faster delivery.

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