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The EstesWAY is simple and straight forward:

  1. EstesWay Our ApproachTreat people with respect and fairly in all situations
  2. Communicate clearly in writing and frequently
  3. Management is available within a 24 hour notice
  4. Everyone in our company tries to improve daily, so we can better serve you
  5. We will never tell you to read the manual and call that System Training
  6. If we can’t help you or we don’t have the right solution to meet your needs, we’ll tell you; right away
  7. The right consultant with the right skill set and personality for your project is important, that’s our job to ensure that happens
  8. Business Process Review’s (BPR)/Project Initiation Documents (PID)/Value Stream Scripts as well as Upper Management involvement is vital to the success of your project implementation/training and utilization
  9. Admit when you’re wrong, adjust and commit to doing a better job
  10. Our customers are our business, without their satisfaction there is no business


The EstesWAY is the foundation to our success which has allowed EstesGroup to grow our satisfied customer base and our business two fold over the last few years.

The EstesWAY is more than just words it’s a philosophy that starts with the ownership of EstesGroup and is felt and shared with our customers daily by every individual that is EstesGroup.

We know what we do is important to the success of your business, therefore we will give our best every time you ask us for service no matter how large or small the task or project. Give us a call and let us walk you through the EstesWAY!