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Have a plan for OCM

EstesGroup can help your company create a concise systematic approach to OCM that is beneficial to your people throughout your organization to learn new behaviors and skills.

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  1. By formally setting expectations – a written agreement on a common vision for what needs to be changed.

  2. Establishing strong executive leadership to communicate the vision for why change is necessary and what will be the quantifiable end-results of the change.

  3. Employing tools to improve communication (that seek ways to reduce misinformation) for educating employees about how their day-to-day work will change.

  4. Devise a follow-up plan for both successful and unsuccessful change results.

Possibly the most difficult thing for any organization to do is change how they operate. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (the right way) requires an organization to change its mode of operation (business processes) to accommodate the “Best Practices” found in the ERP system the organization is looking to implement.

Simply put

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

addresses the people side of change management.

lady-tier-3If your company would like help to know what the latest techniques, tools and innovations are to effectively implement Organizational Change Management please provide us your contact information and one of our trained experts will contact you!