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Epicor Project Management: Trim the fat and get down to business

PEAK Methodology is designed to get your business hands on as quickly as possible with your data and designing towards your future state. We don’t dwell in the past and we get right to work building your future. Improve your business process development with our PEAK Methodology.

Peak Methodology EstesGroup 2

PEAK Methodology Overview


An Accelerated Timeline to Developing YOUR Business Processes in the new software system.

Comprehensive testing including a mock GO LIVE process to ensure success

Project Governance to manage the key intangibles that are the driving forces behind every project

EstesGroup’s Proprietary Tools around Peak Methodology are:

  1. SaaS based Project Plan
  2. Value Stream Scripts
  3. SharePoint Portal
  4. Resource Calendar

Peak Methodology has an impressive track record of successful implementations within all fascets of business and is scalable from large to small. Without the extra fat on the overhead you save money and time.