EstesGroup is your 100% Certified and Authorized Epicor ERP partner.

Our Partnership as an Epicor ERP Authorized Partner from top to bottom.

EstesGroup® is a 100% Certified and Authorized Implementation Partner with Epicor ERP

EstesGroup is your 100% Authorized Epicor ERP Partner.

EstesGroup® is your 100% Authorized Epicor ERP Partner.

What exactly does that mean for you, and our clients?

For you, our being an Epicor Partner means that our teams work together at the highest level of the tool for the client’s benefit. They aren’t just “punching a clock” and racking up hours on a project, they are motivated and incentivized as a team to achieve the best client results. Tightly coupled teams will beat individual “superstars” every time, and EstesGroup is the leading Epicor Partner in the US. We sell, support, maintain and manage Epicor ERP for our clients. Our consultants are always certified at the highest levels in the product. As an Epicor reseller, VAR and integrator, we have access to information and improvements that can only be learned by specializing in the discipline for so many years. You can leverage our investment for your success.

EstesGroup is an Epicor Silver Partner

EstesGroup® is an Epicor Silver Partner

Whether you are the CEO, CFO, CIO, or COO, we can and will make your business run better using Epicor ERP.

Across so many industries- ManufacturingDefenseDistributionAerospace, Medical and others –  we have found solutions through Epicor implementations that have made businesses like yours more efficient and more profitable.  Talk to us (or our clients) and learn more.

What have we accomplished in business improvement because we are SO fluent in Epicor ERP?

We have improved processes for hundreds of clients, reduced their costs, and improved their customer service. In many cases, we have enabled them to sell more product due to the rollout of these new processes and tools, including CRM, eCommerce, and mobile solutions.


We stay up to date with ALL Epicor ERP updates

We pride ourselves on our close relationship with the people of the Epicor community including user’s groups, chat rooms, and Epicor themselves by communicating with the community constantly.  As a 100% certified group of Epicor consulting experts, we pride ourselves in knowing “what’s new” with Epicor, and what else can be accomplished with the Epicor ERP software. We then pass this valuable information along to you, helping to improve your efficiency and bottom line.

Did you know that we were the first on the scene when Epicor 10.1 premiered and ranked ahead of Epicor on Google for the update?

You can watch our Epicor 10.1 recorded webinar here on this page, and see how our Epicor Authorized Partnership stands out through our extensive knowledge of how to improve your business process with Epicor ERP.

Our out of the box toolkit has been used by people like you around the world over and over. You can subscribe to this powerful educational series here on this page.

Watch our informative and educational Epicor 10.1 webinar.

Subscribe to our Epicor 10 out of the box tools series.

The best part of our partnership with Epicor as a certified partner is our continued partnership with you.

Our clients become our business partners. We spend just as much time getting to know the ins and outs of your business as we do studying every module inside Epicor.

We will be sure as we either move you to Epicor ERP for the first time, or complete an installation or upgrade that we give you hands-on time with our team, coaching you through every daily, weekly, and monthly task to be sure that your newly improved business operations are seamless.  We want everyone from your C-Suite down to be comfortable and excited about the new ways your business will run more efficiently.

The greatest compliment we receive when working with a business like yours is “You get us” or “You guys fully understand our business”.

The relief that a team of Epicor 100% certified experts is now your partner can be felt throughout your organization, and we can’t wait to hear what challenges YOUR business must overcome. And, don’t just take it from us.  Our customers speak for us, so please ask to speak to them!

We will be right there with you, as your Authorized Epicor Partner to solve every one of your puzzles in making your business run better using Epicor ERP.

Ask our Authorized Epicor ERP Consultants any question you have about Epicor below: