Epicor for the CEO: Your Business Running Better

epicormanufactuerersEnhance your competitive advantage and leverage technology as an asset.

Our goal is the same: To enable you to see the right information so you can meet the competitive business goals you set for yourself, your company, and your people.

When you engage with our diverse 100% certified Epicor ERP system consultants, our team approach will bring a depth of knowledge and ground floor experience to your organization.

Epicor ERP/CRM/HCM systems are very complex and can be properly implemented when we work with your entire C-Suite.

Bring with you your team that understands Accounting, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Engineering, Production Control, Sales and Marketing, Projects, IT Infrastructure, and Systems Governance Information Development Tools and together we can implement an Epicor ERP/CRM/HCM system customized to your business.

Let’s get to know your business process and uncover what you really want to run better. EstesGroup will will help you improve all of your business processes from the ground up, understanding both Epicor inside and out, and the environment you need to reach your goals as a CEO.

In every role you face, EstesGroup and Epicor will make your business run better.

  • Leadership: Let’s work to reduce your costs, and get your team focused more on customer service, your target revenue goals, and business growth.
  • Strategy: We will improve your product quality and financial outlook, making your brand reputation rise as your business model stays solid.
  • Delegation and accountability: With our business process expertise, and your new Epicor ERP dashboards and tools, you will be able to delegate the right job to the right people and monitor progress from anywhere.
  • Collaboration: Your goals as a CEO must have a straight line through to everyone down the line. With the Epicor ERP system and EstesGroup, everyone will have access to the right data to leverage personal strengths and talents along with resources in the most efficient way possible.

Our core principle is that ERP provides software for CEOs and their organization with a single version of the truth, where data has purpose and results such as lowering overall costs and increasing productivity.

Download Your Epicor CEO Brief and let’s optimize your business processes.

Download Your Epicor CEO Brief and let’s optimize your business processes.

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The Material Handling Industry Continues to Trend Upward, Outward, Inward

For producers of equipment serving these industries, the challenges not only manifest themselves in the material handling products delivered but also in the processes and systems used to orchestrate the creation and delivery of these products.  Making the best equipment isn’t enough if it cannot be designed, produced, and delivered at the right time, and for the right price points.  In support of this, configurability continues to be of great importance, as are the abilities to quickly generate requests for proposals and rapidly engineer custom orders.  With its extensive product configuration capabilities, which are tightly bound to its Bill-of-Material structures, Epicor is an excellent enterprise software option  for companies looking to scale up their organization to meet the challenges of this evolving industry.  

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As you assess your organization and its IT infrastructure, you need to ask yourself the question, have you harvested all the benefits of your legacy ERP system? Are you tired of endless patches? Are you frustrated with the narrow field of vision that your current system affords you? Is your legacy ERP system a husk of its former self? And are you ready to put it to pasture? Are you ready to leave your legacy ERP system behind.

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