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Epicor for Defense: Win And Deliver Your Defense Contracts

epicormanufactuerersTo succeed in the Defense industry and win and deliver your defense contracts you know that you need to prove your company’s ability to fulfill every ITAR government requirement and ITAR compliance.

To accomplish this, we will modernize your project tracking, milestone billing and every other aspect of your defense enterprise with defense industry Epicor ERP software.

Do you have special requirements and compliancies that your organization needs to work with?

Do you have a need for project tracking, milestone billing, fixed fee, setting ceilings and complete tracking and traceability to what you produce?

By properly implementing Epicor ERP software with our track record of success in the defense industry, you will have a single version of the truth, across all of your data.

You will be able to see the right information and command your people to be performing the right jobs and duties at the right time.

Take full command over your people, your billing and your costs along while being able to trace every project part and component.

EstesGroup has a track record helping companies succeed within the defense industry and all of the complexities that government contracts contain and how to make your ERP system simplify all of these requirements.

Read our success story about a defense contractor who moved from spreadsheets to 30 million dollar growth without an increase in head count.


Download Your Epicor ERP Defense Brief and let’s optimize your business processes.

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