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Epicor Offer: Do you need a free hour with an E10 consultant?

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Epicor Software From Shop Floor to Private or Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can overwhelm teams accustomed to old workflows, old strategies and old software. Fortunately, technology is changing the pace, indicating that if you can dream it, we can make it happen. Consider the complexities of multi-site implementations, for example. The shift to remote work proved that complex projects that were known for their long on-site Epicor consulting commitments are now video conference success stories. 

What Epicor Offers To Your Business

We’d like to share some best practices for your Epicor implementation or upgrade. It takes many great minds working together to plan and execute an ERP project. What are your hardware and software requirements? What is your preferred server environment? What’s your ERP upgrade budget, for everything from project planning to testing? EstesGroup has a 17-year history of ERP consulting, and we can guarantee a smooth go-live and 100% success for your E10 deployment.


Fill out the form below to get a series of implementation case studies that will show you how companies like yours maximize Epicor hours, ensuring quick wins and long-term success.

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Get a free demo of ECHO, our ERP cloud. With Epicor cloud, your technology can easily adapt with the changing needs of your business. Managed application hosting can save you time and money (and keep IT peaceful).

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Contact us for a free hour of Epicor help. Together, we can assess your current system and clarify your company strategy. We can demo Epicor and third-party solutions.

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Do you like the movies? Sign up for our series of free Epicor training videos.

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