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Manufacturing ERP Software Consulting Services

Maintaining or Upgrading Epicor 9 and E10
Manufacturing ERP Software Epicor Consulting Solutions

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From Manufacturing Software to Professional Services and Solutions


  • Are you looking for a manufacturing ERP software? Our consultants can help you understand what parts, customers, products, and groups your company makes the most money on based on your manufacturing process.
  • Are you a distribution organization looking for a new ERP system? Prophet 21 can help you more efficiently handle incoming orders and give you a better, more effective way to ship your products to your customers.
  • Are you a professional service organization hoping for better visibility on your projects and availability of your available resources to handle those projects? Our ERP consultants are waiting to help.



Manufacturing and Distribution Industries Benefit from Epicor


EstesGroup can provide you with an Epicor ERP solution that is trusted by thousands of other manufacturing, distributions and professional service organizations around the world.


Every day, EstesGroup consultants help small and midsize manufacturers and distributors manage enterprise resource projects. Due to our cross-platform expertise, we assist in syncing strategy with goals, creating out-of-the-box solutions that allow companies to scale profitably and efficiently. As a result, you can focus on doing business, while we take care of the small details that are often overlooked in the ERP project planning process.



From the beginning, we bring SMBs the toolkits necessary for business resilience across multiple environments. For example, our private cloud hosting solution provides the ultimate architecture for business continuity planning. With cloud services specifically designed for Epicor, your manufacturing or distribution facilities can operate without worrying about downtime. Finally, you can have a fully integrated solution that will adapt to your changing needs.



Epicor E10 and Prophet 21 are leading manufacturing ERP software solutions. In effect, these platforms will serve as the strongest foundation possible for your business. Our Epicor consulting team tends to the details of your ERP system, so you can leverage full functionality of the modules. All in all, your business will benefit from our 24/7 customer service, which is centered in Loveland, Colorado, but is supported by our presence throughout the United States.



In order to choose the best ERP platform, you need to know what’s available to your industry. Notably, our Epicor consultants are familiar with manufacturing ERP software across the full spectrum of availabilities. We service a variety of ERP solutions, including QuickBooks, SYSPRO, IQMS, Epicor, and more.





As you can see from the diagram above, an Epicor 9 or higher ERP solution is more than just a costing and pricing system for manufacturers or an order entry and shipping system for distributors or a project management/resource scheduling tool for professional service organizations. Due to updates, newer versions are better for your business. In its updated E10 version, Epicor is a fully functional, embedded ERP system that includes everything you need to succeed: 

  • Customer Resource Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Product Management
  • Service Management
  • Sales Management 


As an Epicor consulting firm with a 17-year history, we have a lot of ERP stories to tell

Epicor 9 entered the market in 2007. In view of software updates, if you’re on Epicor 9, you should upgrade to 10. Since 2007, Epicor’s software updates pushed both functional and technical revisions. Although E9 was a great version in its day, now is the time to upgrade your ERP. Newer, better enterprise resource planning solutions allow you to integrate best practices in the mindset of contemporary strategy. Due to the complexity of Epicor upgrades, our consultants continually train. For this reason, we provide highly skilled Epicor consulting services, including ERP training for your team.



If You Have Questions About Manufacturing ERP Software, EstesGroup Has Answers


  • How does Epicor software fit into your business plan?
  • If you’re on Epicor 9, who maintains your solution?
  • What is your upgrade strategy?
  • What IT infrastructure is needed to go beyond your current software?
  • Who will help you implement and upgrade Epicor?
  • Do you have a business continuity plan?
  • Finally, and for the future, is your business ready for private cloud hosting solutions?


EstesGroup can show you the EstesWAY (the right way) of evaluating and purchasing any enterprise resource planning system. As such, we employ specialists in Epicor, a top choice among manufacturing ERP software. Our Epicor consulting team members are all experienced ERP customers as well, so we know the product and we know how to show you if it’s right for your business. Beyond software, we provide the support you need to adapt your business to new technology and innovation.


Because implementations are expensive, finding the right balance from the beginning will save you thousands of dollars in the future. Epicor serves the unique needs of manufacturers, and our consultants can help you activate the full power of your software. From installation to optimization, our consultants stabilize your project by filling the gaps and supporting your team. Additionally, we support cloud-based application management and on-premise and cloud architecture with EstesCloud managed services.