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Industries We Help Succeed

EstesGroup works with several different industries across multiple different platforms. We are ERP experts, but more than that we are seasoned business experts first and foremost. Our teams come from these different industries and have lived through the daily challenges that are unique to each. The best practices may be defined by the industry you are in, but we also know you need to break the mold to disrupt the market and become the best. We want to help you with that vision and enable you by turning your ERP system into a tool for growth and stability.


We have decades of ground floor experience in Manufacturing and in many of the flavors within this industry.
From job shop to process manufacturing, make to stock, make to order, configure to order and even engineer to order are all methods we are extremely comfortable with.
We have helped hundreds if not thousands of customers improve their manufacturing organizations.
We bring to the table more than just the software expertise, we know your business and how to help you take it to the next level while leveraging your ERP system to be another tool of enablement.

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Distribution is a language that we speak daily and sits in our core competencies.
We have an extensive staff with real world experience working distribution before becoming consultants.
We want to help you optimize the process of take the order, reserve the order and fulfill the order so you can spend more time working with your customers and improving the value add programs that differentiate you from your competition.

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Financial Services

EstesGroup has helped many financial services institutions meet the challenges of today’s dynamic and competitive environment.
We are well versed in many areas of financial services from wall street down to venture capital firms that need ways to simplify portfolios and report the bottom line.
We can guide you to an optimized solution that is secure and flexible for your changing needs including supporting you through your regulatory, reporting and compliance requirements.

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Professional Services

If you need to deliver contracts, time and expense billing or track complex projects with milestones and completion deadlines then we know how to get you organized within ERP.
We are a professional services company first and foremost.
We understand the daily activities from sales through accounting and all of the hiccups that can occur in-between.
We know how to streamline your organization and which systems can enable you and your growth goals so you can optimize your utilization rates and minimize your overhead costs. 


Need your ERP system to pass your FAA audit requirements and continue to drive your business and production forward?
The Aerospace industry brings a lot of complexities and compliance requirements to the table.
We have experienced consultants working that will work with you to ensure your FAA compliance is upheld while streamlining processes to make your business the most efficient it can be. 


We have the experience you need to help simplify the complex manufacturing environment and order management challenges that Automotive manufacturing presents.
From Prototyping through the repeatable process manufacturing, we know the right ERP package and how to make the system work for you in these complex environments.
If you have a strong need for EDI, high volume or even low volume engineer to order around the Automotive industry we can help optimize your solution.


Do you have special requirements and compliancies that your organization needs to work with?
Do you have a need for project tracking, milestone billing, fixed fee, setting ceilings and complete tracking and traceability to what you produce?
EstesGroup has a track record helping companies succeed within the defense industry and all of the complexities that government contracts contain and how to make your ERP system simplify all of these requirements.

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