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For more than 17 years, EstesGroup has helped businesses improve, grow, and stay competitive. Our highly skilled consultants know production from the ground up, as well as how technology and communication, when working together smoothly, can grow your business. EstesGroup helps Epicor users gain more control over their ERP system. Even if your application management team is well-versed in the software, our Epicor consulting services bring value to your company by giving you one source for handling any ERP or IT issues that surface during your implementation. EstesGroup helps you get the training you need for both software and hardware optimization. For a complete solution, we combine ERP consulting services with managed hosting solutions.


   Epicor User Training

  • Experience world-class educational opportunities.
  • Protect every step of your Epicor journey.
  • Increase organizational efficiency & productivity with the help of ERP & IT experts.
  • Attend one of our very own Epicor events.