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We are on the ground, in the air & all over the road in 2024 (& still online for you 24/7/365, too)!

Talking Tech with EstesGroup and Jason Palmer, CTO

Beyond the moment of inspiration lies a world of development challenges and strategic decisions. Delve into the behind-the-scenes dynamics as Brad Feakes from EstesGroup and Jason Palmer unpack the technical inception and evolution of Unified A/R’s cloud-based modular A/R and payment acceptance solution. Explore topics ranging from SDLC strategy, system architecture, and development methodologies to security protocols and data transfer approaches. Gain invaluable insights as we lift the hood on the process of turning innovative ideas into tangible solutions.

Talking Tech with EstesGroup and Jason Palmer
Sam Oshay Recurrency Event

EstesGroup in Conversation with Sam Oshay: March 21st, 2024 – Noon (CST)

On Thursday, March 21st, at 12:00 PM CST, Estes’ Brad Feakes will be live-streaming with Sam Oshay, CEO and founder of Recurrency. Recurrency is an ERP automation platform, allowing distributors to automate sales, purchasing, and pricing workflows. Sam grew up as the third generation of his family’s distribution business and was frustrated by the lack of modern, easy-to-use technology to help their business grow faster and operate more efficiently. Seeing the market need, he founded Recurrency to build the needed technology to fill the gaps that distributors face when moving their companies to the next level. Brad will sit down with Sam to discuss his family business background, the inception and growth of Recurrency, and some of the differences between the distribution and the software solution industries.

The Experience of Sales Automation

with Uni Bryant of Rubber Tree Systems


Epicor, Entrepreneurship & Energy Drinks

with Casey Currie of Currie Enterprises

Epicor Part Setup and Manufacturing Best Practices

Western PA & Southeast Ohio Epicor Users Group Meeting: January 18th, 2024

Setting up the Epicor part master continues to be a fundamental building block of all Epicor implementations. The settings in the part master records can greatly affect a product’s fit, form and function, causing everything to behave in different ways, sometimes mysterious ways. Take the non-stock flag for instance. This little flag, when checked, will alter how you sell the item in question, how you make it, how you buy it and whether you store it in inventory. This big little flag completely changes how this product exists over its lifecycle in the system. On January 18, 2024, EstesGroup’s Brad Feakes will be speaking to the Western PA & Southeast Ohio Epicor Users Group meeting and will be delivering a presentation on some best practices when it comes to setting up some of the key fields in the part master.

The Western PA & Southeast Ohio Epicor Users Group event will be held at FS-Elliott Co., LLC in Export, PA, in person. We’d love to see you there!

[WEBINAR] Best Practices for Evaluating a Next-Generation B2B Platform

As we delve into the best practices surrounding your next-generation B2B platform, we will help you embark on a transformative journey to redefine your online experience. In this webinar with Parttrap, you will learn how to define clear objectives that align with your business goals, strategies to prioritize and enhance the user experience, the importance of scalability and flexibility in your B2B platform, the role of integration capabilities in streamlining operations, how to leverage analytics and insights for data-driven decisions, and the significance of robust support and training resources for ongoing success.

Prophet 21 Summit 2023 Registration

ONLINE SUMMIT: Mastering Prophet 21 in ’23

Ready for a highly informative and engaging community in the distribution industry? On Thursday, September 21, 2023, EstesGroup proudly presented six hours of invaluable expertise on Prophet 21. Our summits are FREE for you and all of your guests to attend, so please share us with your friends and colleagues! The recording of EstesGroup’s Fall ’23 P21 Summit gives you an opportunity to enhance your skills, network with professionals, and stay ahead in the competitive distribution landscape.

EstesGroup is proud to be the GOLD sponsor for P21WWUG CONNECT 2023!

Sunday August 20 – Tuesday August 22
Sheraton Dallas



Celebrating integration and collaboration, EstesGroup’s inaugural INTEGRATE event brings together leaders of the Epicor Prophet 21 partner community to review the many ways in which solution providers are integrating, interfacing, and extending the P21 ecosystem. 

Epicor’s Prophet 21 application has long been an ERP platform conducive to third-party integrations, and the P21 partner community has been hard at work helping users expand and extend their application.

ERP Integration Software Event

Integrations are a key consideration in the management of an ERP system. Attend this event to meet the leaders making a difference in the distribution industry by contributing cutting-edge solutions that work seamlessly with Epicor Prophet 21!

Join us on Wednesday, November 30th, as the Prophet 21 third-party vendor community comes together to share their collective industry knowledge at EstesGroup’s INTEGRATE 2022 event.


Choosing a cloud service provider isn’t as simple as picking a familiar name like “Azure” or “AWS” — reliability is a real issue, regardless of your provider. Your cloud provider is only as reliable as its individual data centers. Do you know if your cloud provider offers secure, reliable data centers? Do you have questions about your current cloud provider, or do you want to know more about new data center technology before moving your business into the cloud? 

US Signal EstesGroup

Listen to an exciting conversation between EstesGroup President Brad Feakes and US Signal’s Jerry Clark!

EstesGroup - Platinum Sponsor for P21WWUG's CONNECT 2022

Cloud ERP As You Like IT - P21 (Your)WAY!

Walk for Charity with EstesGroup & DCKAP

Thank you to all who joined us on August 29th in San Antonio, Texas, for a charity walk that helped the Save the Children Foundation!

Walk for Charity EstesGroup

THE CREDITS ARE ROLLING: The Place Of Credit Card Processing Within Enterprise Resource Planning

The place of credit card processing figures prominently in any ERP system, as a means of managing payments for ecommerce orders, for handling counter sales, or as a method for securing payment for new or unreliable customers. But the complexity of customer payments quicky extends beyond simple credit card processing, often encompassing AR automation, customer payment portal administration, and a variety of potential transaction intermediaries. Moreover, challenges with security, technology, and business process integration make customer payment much more complicated than a simple swipe.

Century Business Credit Card ERP Estes Cloud

Watch EstesGroup’s Brad Feakes as he discusses credit card culture in ERP with Jay Pearson from Century Business Solutions. Since 2004, Century’s EBizCharge platform has been integrating and simplifying the payment process between ERP and ecommerce solutions, allowing companies to better manage the complexities of customer payments in an increasingly digital landscape.

Cloud Migration Costs Webinar

BALANCING THE BOOKS: Cost Considerations When Planning A Cloud Migration

“Free” migration? The best things in life are cloud.

Even though cloud computing costs are going down, a free migration should not be the reason to move your business from on-premise infrastructure into a public or private cloud base. Cost is one of a triumvirate of concerns that should be considered before making your move, and this webinar will show you how to take all factors toward a balance. Your decision to migrate (and how to migrate) should include your IT budget, your risk tolerance, and your talent pool.

As processing power and network capabilities improve, the cost of computing continues to drop, but not so much as to make a cloud migration a free play. “Free” might tip the scales, increasing your future risks or burdening your internal staff. Understanding the cost implications of a cloud migration is best accomplished by comparing the fully-burdened costs and risks of an on-premise option to the costs and dangers of the various models of cloud deployment.

Hybrid Cloud Considerations ERP

CLOUD AUTHOR UNKNOWN: Hybrid Cloud Considerations When Planning Your Cloud ERP Migration

Ready to quest through the complexities of hybrid cloud configurations? A hybrid cloud can connect your on-premise technology with public cloud and private cloud environments, creating a single, manageable IT infrastructure. However, your cloud can quickly grow up to be the “monster” in your business — and instead of scalability and resilience, you end up with a hybrid beast weighing down your workflows.

Does your business demand on-premise, public, and private resources? Attend this “Cloud Stories” webinar to learn best practices for cloud migrations and integrations.

LONG STORY SHORT: Understanding Remote Business Connectivity in a Post-Pandemic Era

Long story short: the world has changed, and businesses will need to strengthen remote business connectivity to stay relevant and profitable. Are you planning on supporting remote and hybrid workforces in the next phases of the pandemic and into the post-pandemic future?

Fortunately, business application and technology experts are better prepared to manage shifting office infrastructure. In this webinar, you will hear stories about how businesses stayed competitive during the COVID-19 crisis by deploying or optimizing cloud technology to keep their infrastructure versatile and creative.

Cloud Connectivity Remote Work Webinar

Attend this “Cloud Stories” webinar if you are looking for ways to optimize your workforce by enabling or enhancing cloud connectivity.

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud Webinar

TELL NO TALE – Public Cloud SaaS vs. Private Cloud Hosting

You say cloud, and I say cloud. What’s the difference? Understand the intricacies of public and private cloud environments by looking at customers who have transitioned from one to the other. Software as a Service (SaaS) can seem like the perfect ending – until a business owner realizes it is indeed an ENDING! Private cloud offers a more flexible cover for the story of your business. But do you need more than SaaS? Get the TRUE story from EstesCloud experts! Perhaps it’s best to pen a hybrid cloud for the future of your business?

BURNING THE BOOKS – Backup & Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Know your data and know your foe! A “good” story always involves an antagonist, and your business faces many enemies every second. Ransomers. Hackers. Competitors. Earthquakes. Fires. Cyberwar. Disruption and downtime are the motifs of a poorly managed backup plan. See how other businesses recovered from unfortunate events by choosing PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Backup Disaster Recovery Cloud Accounts Event
Private Cloud ERP Webinar Event

TURNING THE PAGE – Cloud Options for Your ERP Application

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can create drama. Good ERP & technology consulting provides the dramamine to calm the room. Turn the page on restless board meetings with a clear vision of your future in the cloud. No fairy tales here! Hear stories from our customers about how they combined EstesGroup ERP and cloud IT expertise to write the perfect plot for business success.

[NOT] LOST IN TRANSLATION – Cloud Migration Stories

Are you thinking about moving to the cloud and concerned about what might get lost in the transition? This talk is for you if you are about to embark on a cloud migration journey. And also for you if you’ve already begun the migration process. Let’s make like geese and get in formation for perfect cloud migration weather. “V” for virtualization? Learn key terms and best practices so that no line of code goes untranslated!​​​​​​

Cloud Migration Stories EstesGroup Event
Supply Chain Visibility

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Digital Stratosphere Graphic Third Stage Consulting EstesGroup

EstesGroup was excited to sponsor Third Stage Consulting Group’s Digital Stratosphere 2022 virtual conference on 2/8 – 2/10.

President Brad Feakes presented the Cloud Migration Strategies: “Lift & Shift” vs. “Build-from-Scratch” keynote presentation on Day 3 of the event. This FREE three-day event was packed full of digital transformation industry insights and proven best practices. Didn’t make the live event? No problem – recordings are available. Contact us to learn more.

Find the help you need from our manufacturing & distribution experts.

Cyber Security Manufacturing Event

WEBINAR – ANYTIME: What Manufacturers Are Doing To Mitigate Breaches in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity breaches within manufacturing organizations are common and cost millions each year to correct. Beyond the cost, these breaches cause chaos internally, putting your suppliers, customers, intellectual property, and your reputation at risk. Even if you have IT strategies in place, cybersecurity may well be the biggest problem you don’t yet know you have. Come talk to us and learn how one cyber victim used EstesCloud managed IT and hosting services as his vehicle for recovery from disaster. In this personalized, interactive webinar, an expert panel will explore with you the costs and chaos inflicted on manufacturers due to breaches in cybersecurity.

Sometimes when you think you’re doing everything to prevent ransomware, the attackers somehow find a way in. A new dark web of cybercrime is putting the entire manufacturing industry at risk. Learn how to prevent a cyber attack from shutting down your business.


Attend the largest manufacturing trade show in Colorado this September to celebrate the perseverance of manufacturers throughout the nation. Stop by the EstesGroup booth to learn about the history of NOCOM (including 2020’s first-ever virtual show). Meet with decision makers in aerospace & defense, metals, plastics, machinery, wood, engineering & design, packaging & logistics, services and more! Stop by the EstesGroup booth to learn how we support manufacturing companies with software implementation, technology support, and business application cloud hosting services.

NOCOM Manufacturing Partnership

Focus on your business and grow your company by collaborating with some of industry’s finest. Network with colleagues, meet with job seekers, connect with local & national buyers and supply chain experts, promote your products, and find the services you need at the largest manufacturing trade show in the state of Colorado!

Achieve your enterprise resource planning (ERP), technology, and cloud objectives with our full range of business consulting services.

VIRTUAL EVENT – June 24th, 2021: Prophet 21® SUMMER SUMMIT ’21

Epicor’s Prophet 21® user community is founded on collaboration. It is collaboration that allows us to learn from others, adapt quickly, and master the skills of business and business systems. These skills allow you to face things like supply chain challenges, both known and unknown. In a spirit of collaboration, EstesGroup invites you to watch the full recording of our June 24th virtual summit. This event was designed for the Prophet 21® community, but everyone interested in distribution ERP software will benefit from watching the three presentations and the roundtable discussion.

Prophet 21 Epicor Event

This event provided helpful insights into how customers can best leverage the P21® application and its supporting technology.

WE WERE AT BOOTH #25 – AUGUST 15th – 17th: P21WWUG CONNECT 2021

Do you have questions about how to make your Epicor Prophet 21® application hum? Need answers on how to fine-tune your P21® servers? Or are you thinking about moving your ERP system into the cloud? P21WWUG CONNECT is a great opportunity for users, vendors, and service providers to work together to solve common problems while making connections that go beyond the bounds of any single organization. We hope to see you there in 2022! EstesGroup is an all-in-one-place Prophet 21® consultancy. With managed IT solutions, cloud services, and enterprise resource planning expertise, the Estes team brings your distribution company everything you need so that you can focus on your business.


If you are a member of P21WWUG, you can register to attend CONNECT conferences for Prophet 21 community! Not a member? No worries. Visit the Prophet 21 User Group website to learn more.

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