Epicor Manufacturing ERP Software

The Manufacturing Industry represents the production of merchandise for use or sale using labor, machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.

You might be a manufacturer that makes things to order, makes items that are configured to order, makes engineered items to order, makes items to stock or any combination of any of the above.

Working in a mixed mode manufacturer for a number of years as well as selling and servicing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software primarily for manufacturers for almost 30 years the fundamentals of being a successful manufacturer in the Manufacturing Industry haven’t changed much.

You need to:

  • Know which customers you make the most profit on.
  • Know what products you make the most profit on based on your manufacturing facility’s capabilities.
  • Understand and communicate to the smallest detail the manufacturing process of the products you make.
  • Track labor/machine time, material, tooling, outside processes of what you make to the smallest detail.
  • Analyze each completed manufactured part/product process detail to see if there might be a better way of making something the next time you do the same part/product or something similar.
  • Continually communicate the importance of why manufacturing process improvement is the key to a profitable manufacturing concern that delivers a quality product on time to its customer’s specification and their desired due date.

To accomplish manufacturing excellence in today’s hyper competitive world you need to have timely and accurate information that your employees can rely on to service your customers in an efficient and effective manner. That’s no small feat given the number of demands that the average customer puts on the manufacturer today for:

Lower Prices  |  Faster Delivery  |  Higher Quality

Epicor manufacturing ERP software systems,

have been providing the Manufacturing Industry for over 30 years now the needed information to operate properly, because it was written by a manufacturer that truly understood the basic concepts above.

Implementing a tightly integrated information system into your manufacturing environment where the communication amongst the key areas of your facility (i.e. purchasing, production, engineering, sales, customer service, inventory control and finance) have traditionally not been connected well, can be a challenge!

EstesGroup Consulting has more than 75 combined years of experience in helping manufacturers get the most out of their Epicor manufacturing ERP system. Experience helps, if you’re looking for a better way, give the EstesGroup team a call, our ERP system consultants can help!