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IQMS for Stamping and Metal: Progressive ERP To Keep You Expanding

Do you feel the time-to-market pressure in your stamping and metal business?

Now, STAMP OUT the competition, complete your jobs on time and under budget with more efficiency and proficiency than you ever thought possible with IQMS ERP for the Stamping and Metal Industry.

With a proper IQMS Stamping Manufacturing ERP implementation, your punching and stamping, casting, brazing. shearing and spinning will be managed in a way that is VISIBLE and transparent to everyone in your production line.

IQMS ERP is tuned to your business. IQMS was BUILT for manufacturing, and no other ERP comes close to seamlessly blend in and work through your entire stamping and metal manufacturing processes.

When your machines are running smoothly, your production schedules are accurate, and your scraps and rejects are LOW, you will experience our mutual goal in your IQMS ERP Implementation:



Welcome to the new and more efficient world of your stamping metal company:

IQMS ERPThe benefits to your stamping and metals business using IQMS ERP will be more than we can number, but let’s start with:

  • Our IQMS Flexible Units of Measure will fix the problems you face when you are producing in pounds while purchasing in ounces and grams. Our built-in conversions are accurate every time.
  • Your pricing will be more competitive with our mass price updates; from raw materials to waste to start up scrap
  • Your Bills of Material will now be multi-level and industry specific. How about we add some multiple and substitute BOMs for the same part number to your production.
  • RealTime(tm) Production Monitoring System: We want you to take total control over your shop floor. IQMS brings you to a whole new level automatically tracking production data directly from your work centers, updating production schedules and inventory instantly.