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IQMS for the CIO: True Business Intelligence With A Single Version Of The Truth


IQMS Brochure Cover Estes Group ERP Consultants SMBy properly implementing IQMS ERP with our ERP consultants, we will simplify your IT systems and advance your business intelligence.

Are you tired of working in separate data silos? 

Are your systems to maintain, backup, and keep secure?

  • To perform your role as a CIO, you must be able to provide true business intelligence data to all of the other C-Suite members of your organization.
  • With one IQMS ERP implementation, the difficulty of keeping track of separate data silos and systems will be a thing of your past.
  • With IQMS ERP and business intelligence, you will have a single version of the truth and one common data extraction tool. You will be able to provide TRUE business intelligence.



See why CIOs are choosing managed hosting services.

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Imagine having only one system to keep running, performance tune, and troubleshoot.

One source of information. One simple invoice. ERP consulting. ERP managed IT. ERP hosting. All the value you need from the leading consulting firm in the nation. Ask to speak to our references to see why CIOs rely on our talented team of consultants, engineers, architects, and analysts.


Let’s engage in an IQMS ERP implementation and ensure that your responsibilities as a CIO and those around you become simpler. With EstesGroup, your business runs better.


Our core principle is that ERP provides you and your organization with a single version of the truth, where data has purpose and results such as lowering overall costs and increasing productivity.