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To Make Your Manufacturing Business Run Better.

ERP is your primary business application for you as a modern manufacturer, so it has a long life cycle. In fact, it’s usually 7-10 years and even longer.

As a manufacturer, you’ve probably been using the same ERP system, for about that same amount of time, right?

Here is the challenge:

Nothing stays the same for that amount of time anymore. Your business, today, is probably different in many ways than it was 10 years ago, or 7 years ago. But if your ERP system hasn’t changed along with you, that means it’s holding you back. It’s become a technical constraint to your company’s growth and innovation.


You know you can’t afford that in today’s marketplace.

The fact that you’re watching this video suggests that you’re already down the path of looking for new business agility solutions, either upgrading your existing platform or replacing it completely with something new that will enable you to change how you do business.

Because, as a leading manufacturer, I’m sure you understand the pitfalls of running on obsolete technology, it prevents you from implementing today’s manufacturing best practices.

You may be struggling with how to incorporate digital technologies such as social, mobile, cloud and data analytics into your business? Because without these technologies you can’t make the fast, data-driven decisions that are needed to be agile and innovate at the speed of business today.

Another challenge we see is that having too many different data types and code customizations can actually block your opportunity to take advantage of the latest functionality. You may be concerned about losing all those customizations that you require to run your business today if you upgrade to the latest release.

And finally, let’s talk about your data.

Do you have good data integrity, or is it stale?

Let’s face it, it’s just the nature of systems and humans being to decay over time, we atrophy. So, if you haven’t been practicing good data hygiene, regularly, chances are that might be a concern for you too.

The good news is that there’s an answer for all of this.

And for many manufacturers, it’s time to move to the cloud, we call it digital transformation, it’s the same thing.

You’ve heard the term countless times, and I know it may sound a bit scary or disruptive to your business, but we all have to do it and on the other side is a better, more profitable, and agile business.

But you shouldn’t do this alone and that’s why I’m talking with you today. At the EstesGroup we’ve been helping mid-market manufacturers make these types of transitions, successfully, since 2004. Our successful ERP implementation rate is 3X the industry average. We can make this happen for you on time, on a budget, with minimal disruption to your business.

Several YEARS ago… we started looking at cloud EPR for manufacturers and we chose NetSuite, and we became a NetSuite Solution Provider because they pioneered cloud ERP over 10 years ago.

NetSuite Cloud ERP has made the investments necessary to support advanced manufacturing. We know because we’re experts in manufacturing and distribution processes. Our consultants come from the industry. They’ve run the same systems you’re running today or are considering implementing in your business.

So when we base our business agility solutions on the NetSuite platform, that’s based on our own experience implementing ERP and driving business process change with and for our manufacturing clients.

You can trust us to pick the right platform, and we picked NetSuite.

So, invest an hour of your time and let’s do a digital process review and see how ready we both are to accomplish your digital transformation to NetSuite Cloud ERP.

I’m Jeff Klaubert and we’d love to speak with you.

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