NetSuite Success Stories

How Cloud Based ERP Can Make Your Business Run Better

One Manufacturer’s Journey to the Cloud

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, your manufacturing business is growing double digits every year but the systems you rely on are holding you back?

Are you still relying on multiple systems that don’t talk with each other, making heavy use of spreadsheets and pivot tables to help manage production and distribution? Perhaps you’re still using an accounting package like Sage, Microsoft GP, or something similar that’s forcing you to make manual journal entries from some of your transactions?

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Since few of the many products AidaPak deployed could “talk to” each other, employees were forced to manually input the same data multiple times across several systems. Predictably, this redundancy invited entry errors that fouled up to 20% of the company’s data.

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A NetSuite ERP Succes Story: TANDEMSEVEN

With NetSuite ERP providing all these benefits and more, the financial side of TandemSeven found itself becoming a focal point of the company’s success rather than the division most likely to hamper efforts at growth due to its reliance on antiquated software.

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