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Success Story

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Industry: Technology Manufacturing

Business Process Review
ERP Implementation
Tailoring the ERP solution to fit their needs

A Case Study for Combining Two Redundant ERP Systems into One

Founded in 1954, this electronics company was one of the oldest manufacturing service providers in their industry. An award winning circuit board engineer, prototype designer and production service, they were looking for a solution to be as up to date and in sync with their customer demands, which required communication with a sister company that wasn’t using the same data silo.

While the circuit boards were lightning fast, filling customer orders was tortoise slow. When a customer would call, the phone representative would actually need to get up and walk to the different department to get the information requested because she couldn’t access it where she was.

EstesGroup began with a Business Process Review (BPR), a 3 day process to really learn and understand the business by interviewing key people such as department Subject Matter Experts, the CEO and others. Once we agreed on a solution, we were able to put in a team that serves as the Project Architect who oversees everything and keeps communication flowing, pulling in people as needed to keep the entire plan moving forward.

Estes Group helped to get both companies in sync by moving the electronics company from an old ERP software while at the same time upgrading the circuit board sister company to the same system. We also made sure both company’s financial data was lined up and matched, so the right people could see the real time job status, inventory status and see if the projects were on time and on budget.

Operationally, they were able to utilize a function called ‘Capable to Promise’ to better service their customers by delivering real expectations based on real schedule data for product delivery. By doing this and having this synchronization, their quoting process was reduced from a multiple day process to being able to offer a 24 hour turn around.

Would reducing the time it takes to provide a customer quote improve your sales?

Would you benefit from being able to see a dashboard of your key project metrics?

Are you merging multiple ERP systems into one?

We can help make it simple. Tell us what is out of sync and what you would like to see work together.